April 29, 2008

International School of Management Sets the Standard in Management Education

PARIS, April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The International School of Management (ISM) is proud to announce the 10 year, unconditional reaffirmation of the accreditation of its business programs -- MBA, IEMBA, DBA, and Ph.D. -- by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Founded in 1988, ACBSP recognizes best practices that contribute to continuous improvement of business education and accredits qualified business programs. It is the leading specialized accreditation association for business education rewarding teaching excellence and is recognized for its strong contribution to management education by the US government's Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Recognition by CHEA affirms that standards and processes of accrediting organizations are consistent with quality, improvement, and accountability expectations that CHEA has established.

The International School of Management (ISM), an American organization with headquarters in Paris, France and programs in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai, has positioned itself as a premier management development institution, drawing on interdisciplinary culture to seek new opportunities; making research, and education integral to one another with probably one of the best worldwide mixes of executives with more than 90 nationalities represented in the student body.

"In this ever changing business environment we are constantly reassessing ourselves in relation to our stated Mission and purpose, which requires rigorous critical analysis and strategic planning in order to maintain our high standing in the academic community," commented Executive Director Matthew Werner in a recent interview. "We are increasingly recognized in the international academic community for delivering high quality, effective, graduate and post graduate management education programs. Our doctoral programs, in particular," he continued, "have received heralded praise as a result of the works produced by graduates in both academic and business."

In addition, Professor Simon Peter Horn, Ph.D., LL.M., Dean of ISM, has been appointed to the Board of Commissioners of ACBSP to help other business schools attain the same high standards that have been achieved by ISM's business programs. "This is indeed an honour for our institution to have Dean Horn appointed to the ACBSP Board of Commissioners and is seen as confirmation of the 'Five Star' rating of the quality of our academic programs," outlined Professor Jack Forget, Ph.D., President of the organization.

Professor Forget went on to say, "This increased international recognition of ISM as a leading international business school is a true testament to the quality of the school's academic program offerings, its expert international faculty -- may of whom commit personal time to serve on various internal academic committees, sound administrative protocols, dedicated management and staff, and, of course an extremely well qualified student body. ISM program candidates are truly world leaders in business, politics and education and are one of the schools most cherished assets."

To know more about the International School of Management you can contact Mr. Matthew Werner, Executive Director at: [email protected] or visit http://www.ism.edu/.

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