June 2, 2008

BP America Awards $1 Million in Grants and Scholarships to Southern California Teachers

LOS ANGELES, June 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- BP America, through its successful A+ for Energy program, will award $1,000,000 in grants and scholarships to Southern California teachers for creative classroom, after-school, extra-curricular and summer activities involving energy education and conservation. In all, 90 projects from Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, San Diego and Kern counties will be awarded cash grants of $5,000 or $10,000. A complete list of winners is included at the end of this release.

"Teachers are brimming with ingenious ways to teach students about the importance of renewable power sources and energy conservation," said Crystal Ashby, Vice President Government and Public Affairs for BP America. "It's an honor for BP to provide these A+ for Energy grants so that teachers have the funds necessary to implement those ideas, teaching future generations to become responsible environmental stewards."

In addition to the grant award, BP will provide winning teachers with a scholarship to attend a three-day energy training conference, sponsored by BP and presented in partnership with the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The all-inclusive scholarship will cover the cost of travel, meals, lodging and a kit of instructional materials (tools and resources for teaching energy activities) valued at $500.

Winning teachers will be honored at a special ceremony on Thursday, June 26 at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.

About BP

BP, a global energy provider, plans to invest up to $8 billion over the next ten years in alternative energy sources. Everyday, BP provides energy solutions to approximately 13 million customers in more than 100 countries and is the single, global brand formed by the combination of the former British Petroleum, Amoco Corporation, Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) and Burmah Castrol. For more information, visit http://www.bp.com/.

About NEED

NEED focuses on teaching students and teachers about energy. NEED works with the education community and the energy industry to design and distribute hands-on, science-based educational materials for grades K-12 that supports the California curriculum standards for science, English, language arts, mathematics, history and social science. NEED training prepares teachers to implement innovative energy programs in their classrooms. For more information about NEED, visit http://www.need.org/.

About NREL

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory develops renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and practices, advances related science and engineering, and transfers knowledge and innovations to address the nation's energy and environmental goals. For more information, please visit http://www.nrel.gov/.

         Lead Teacher        School Name/Project              City          Marie Ibsen             Park School                Alhambra                             Project Growing Lab        Michele Bennett          Journey School            Alisa Viejo                                Energy Outpost         Allison Arnold       Sierra Middle School         Bakersfield                             The Green Classroom         Harmon Glantz      Brea Olinda High School            Brea                                Follow the Sun         Tracy Holbert        Elizabeth Dickerson           Buena Park                                  Elementary                              Junior Solar Chefs          Wendy Shaner           Canyon Spring            Canyon County                              Elementary School                           Nature's Energy at Work        June Honsberger       La Costa Canyon High           Carlsbad                                    School                            Saving Energy through                               Recycling at LCC    Lisa Cottrell-Fulbright      Annalee Avenue               Carson                               Elementary LEARN                                    School                                 Panther Sol         Linda Williams       Towne Avenue School             Carson                             Towne Avenue's Solar                                Energy Project         Xavier Estacio        Caroldale LEARNing             Carson                                  Community                             Power to the People        Kelley Bieringer      James Workman Middle        Cathedral City                                    School                           The Great Energy Debate         Roy Hayashida            156th Street               Gardena                           Energy, Camera, Action!         Charlie Flint         Hawthorne Math and           Hawthorne                               Science Academy                             Using Water to Store                                    Solar                               and Wind Energy          Jay Winters         Sultana High School            Hesperia                               Introduction to                                 Alternative                                    Fuels           Kim Allen          Eastshore Elementary            Irvine                                    School                               Moving Towards a                              Sustainable Future          Tom Traeger        La Canada High School          La Canada                           Solar Energy Enlightment         Daniel Rupert         The Preuss School             La Jolla                              Sustainability for                         "Scale Model Solar Heating"        Padmini Kishore      La Mirada High School          La Mirada                              Photosynthesis to                              Photovoltaics --                              Got to GO GREEN        Norma Williamson     La Mirada High School          La Mirada                              Wave of the Future                                Energy Program         Judith Holmes       La Mirada High School          La Mirada                              Wave of the Future                               Energy Program          Doris Pippen            Thomas Erwin              La Puente                              Elementary School                                 Energy Alive         Maria Busatto        Roosevelt Elementary          Long Beach                                    School                                   The Wind           Maya Smith             Prisk School              Long Beach                          Our Sun -- The Perfect Star     Jamie Vallianos-Healy    Tincher Preparatory           Long Beach                                    School                            NRG -- "News Reporting on                             Green Lifestyles and                                   Beyond"           Tara Lobis            Thomas Edison              Long Beach                              Elementary School                               Energy Awareness                           Overtime and Across the                                 Curriculum         Kenneth Fisher     Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo         Long Beach                                 High School                          Solar Energy in Algebra 1          Justin Cutts        Del Oro High School             Lomis                           Alternative Energy PSA's         Marvin Martin           Vista Del Mar             Los Angeles                             A Hydrogen Economy;                             Beyond Hydrocarbons          Glenn Bybee       Brett Harte Preparatory        Los Angeles                                Middle School                          Student-Drive Exploration                             of Earth's Precious                              Energy Resources       Judith Ann Wright       St. Brendan School          Los Angeles                            "Be the Light" Energy                             Conservation Project          Derrick Chau      Marc and Eva Stern Math        Los Angeles                              and Science School                             The Mysteries of Our                                Earth's Winds           Janet Tran          Camino Nuevo High           Los Angeles                            School Charter Academy                           The Camino Nuevo Energy                            Efficiency Initiative     Felicitas Adame-Reyes  Alexander Science Center       Los Angeles                                    School                                Energy Brigade         Jennifer Epps          Synergy Charter            Los Angeles                                   Academy                               Energy Educators        Manuel Sandoval      Gompers Middle School         Los Angeles                            Gompers Middle School                              Renewable Resource                                  Taskforce        Elizabeth De Sa       The Woolman Semester         Nevada City                                Solar Panels --                             Sustainable Energy                                 Production         JaDonne Gyswyt      El Modena High School            Orange                             Using Technology to                                    Teach                                Nuclear Energy        Anastasia Betts     Seven Arrows Elementary     Pacific Palisades                                    School                             The MASTERS Program:                            Math and Science Team                              for Energy Resource                                  Solutions        Graham Robertson    Palos Verdes High School   Palos Verdes Estates                           Renewable Energy Vehicle                                  Technology        Sigird Hillscan        Pacific Community           Point Arena                                Charter School                           Transportation Resource                           Energy Education (TREE)        Angela Williams       Sacred Heart Academy           Redlands                            Energy Garden: Growing                              Personal Awareness          Linda Jirsa        Arlington High School          Riverside                           "Watts Up? Solar Power:                          Applied, Applied, Applied"         Ronald Skaggs      Norte Vista High School         Riverside                                 A GREEN HOME          Sheri Harris       Arlington High School          Riverside                           Change is Blowing in the                                Wind & on the                              Water ... Quantitative                             analysis of Wind                                   and Water                                Alternative E         Denise Turner       Camino Real Elementary         Riverside                                    School                             Energy Use: Ancient                              Origins and Future                                Possibilities        Deborah Rezvani        Killian Elementary        Rowland Heights                           Exploring Energy -- Life                           Cycles of Various Types                                  of Energy           Gay Young          Kumeyaay Elementary           San Diego                                    School                             Renewable Sources of                                 Electricity        Michelle Raymond     Multimedia and Visual          San Diego                            Arts School -- Crawford                                   Complex                            Crawford EmPower Solar                                   Project         Matthew Heller       Mission High School         San Francisco                             Energy at Pie Ranch:                           Exploring Energy through                           Environmental Education         Franck Reynaud      Lycee International of         Santa Ana                                 Los Angeles                           Trash or treasure? From                               waste to compost          Ben Balarie         Santa Fe High School       Santa Fe Springs                            Zero-Emission Hydrogen                                  Generation        Lori Rutherford       Santa Fe High School       Santa Fe Springs                             The Rise and Fall of                            Petroleum in Santa Fe                                   Springs         Samuel Estrada         Stanford Avenue             South Gate                                  Elementary                               Energy and Wind         Marisol Anaya          Stanford Avenue             South Gate                              Elementary School                             Energy from the Sun          Peter Keuper       San Miguel Elementary          South Gate                                    School                            10,000 BC to BP Beyond                            Petroleum from Fossils                              to Fuels Without a                                  Footprint       Gabriel Rodriguez        Stanford Avenue             South Gate                                  Elementary                               Heat from Below         Benjamin Scott      West Ranch High School      Stevenson Ranch                               The Chemistry of                                  Biodiesel        Barbara Heughins      Van Deene Elementary           Torrance                               "Robotic Energy"         Sue O'Donovan         South High School             Torrance                            Harnessing the Wind at                                  South High         Kathleen Flynn        South High School             Torrance                            Exploring Solar Energy          Holly Evans          Hickory Elementary            Torrance                                    School                                 Think Green           Lorena Woo        Halldale Avenue School          Torrance                              Solar Scholar Club          Debbie Park          South High School             Torrance                           Energy Conservation Year                              2: Using Media for                                    Public                               Service Messages          David Geller         Upland High School             Upland                               Upland Unplugged          David Geller         Upland High School             Upland                                 Solar Racers        Crandolyn Smith       Pioneer Junior High             Upland                                    School                               Wind Generation         Willard Ripley        Upland High School             Upland                               Upland Auto Shop                              Solar/Wind Vehicle          Peter Hansen        Guajome Park Academy            Vista                            "The Answer is Blowin'                                 in the Wind"          Peter Hansen        Guajome Park Academy            Vista                             Watts Up, Watts Down!         Troy Icenhower       La Colima Elementary           Whittier                                    School                             Making a Difference                                    Again-                            "Continuing to Make a                                 Difference"         James Gregson        Banning High School           Wilmington                           Student Research Agents                              In the Community          Oscar Salas         Phineas Banning High          Wilmington                                    School                              California Energy                                Resources Maps         Melissa Harris          Ambler Avenue                Carson                              Elementary School                            Super Kinders promote                           energy conservation and                             learn about biomass!          Eric Antuna       Agua Caliente Elementary      Cathedral City                                    School                            Conservation: What Can                                    We Do?         Brianna Rojas       Robert Louis Stevenson        Los Angeles                                Middle School                              Green City Project          Felicia Burt      Theodore Roosevelt High        Los Angeles                                    School                            L.A. River and Pacific                                Ocean Biomass        Angus MacDonald         Santee Education           Los Angeles                                   Complex                                MUSICAL REVUE:                           Conserving Resources and                             Using Energy Wisely       Narciso Rodriguez        Stanford Avenue             South Gate                              Elementary School                           Hydropower: A Renewable                                   Resource            Pam Cap          Ambler Avenue & Ambler           Carson                                Magnet School                               The Powerful Sun         Lillia Torres        St. Philomena School            Carson                               Energy Awareness                                 Ambassadors        Kerry-Ann Smith          Annalee Avenue               Carson                              Elementary School                              Annalee Conserves          Donna Taylor       Glenn Hammond Curtiss            Carson                                Middle School                            Think globally and act                           locally for the success                              of the environment          Linda Nutile       Andrew Carnegie Middle           Carson                                    School                             The Biomass Project:                            Creating the Carnegie                                "Green Squad"         Sandra Bruesch      Gretchen Whitney High           Cerritos                                    School                           The Green House Project           Paul Osuna        Rancho Del Rey Middle         Chula Vista                                    School                           Innovations With Energy           Grace Kim             Denker Avenue               Gardena                              Elementary School                             A multidisciplinary                                   thematic                              unit on hydropower        Candace Jennings          Prisk School              Long Beach                          Alternative Energy -- Our                                    Future         John Jacobson        Millikan High School          Long Beach                               Energy Software                              Solutions, Inc.         Kris Duangnapa     Marc and Eva Stern Math        Los Angeles                              and Science School                             Powering the Cars of                                   Tomorrow          Mark Powell       Santa Margarita Catholic  Rancho Santa Margarita                                 High School                                 Save a Watt     

A+ for Energy(R) is a registered trademark of the Atlantic Richfield Company.


CONTACT: Saundra Halgrimson of Cerrell Associates Inc., +1-323-466-3445,for BP; or Cindy Wymore of BP, +1-714-228-6780

Web site: http://www.bp.com/http://www.need.org/http://www.nrel.gov/