June 15, 2008

MSU’s Internship Way to Produce Top-Notch Grads

THE Management & Science University (MSU) has incorporated an industrial internship module for its undergraduates in its effort to be in a leading position in the field of information science and engineering.

The internship programme exposes students to the real industrial working environment, challenges and demands.

In short, internship provides a hands-on and practical experience.

It is mandatory for all bachelor programmes offered at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE).

Through the internship programme, students enter a totally new environment, different from the classroom that they are accustomed to. They will be exposed to real-life projects and problems.

One of the ways for them to build a solid industrial experience is by rolling-up their sleeves, getting their hands dirty and doing tasks themselves. They need to adopt a positive attitude towards the work environment and take the initiative to tackle these real projects.

Currently, 95 per cent of MSU graduates secure jobs during the initial six months after their graduation, based on the latest tracer study conducted by the university. This illustrates the effectiveness of career programmes offered.

The entry requirements for the bachelor programmes are Cs in two subjects, including general paper, and D in two subjects in STPM.

Students with KPM Matriculation Certificate, A-Levels, Foundation and other qualifications recognised by the MSU Senate are invited to join the Bachelor programmes.

The entry requirements for diploma programmes are minimum five credits in SPM including Bahasa Malaysia, mathematics and science subjects. All MSU diploma students can gain a second year advance standing in MSU bachelor programmes.

A global exposure via MSU's International Students Exchange Programme (ISEP) unit will further strengthen graduates' employability factor. Through this unit, students have the option of transferring their final year studies to foreign universities which are partners of MSU.

There are over 40 universities in India, eastern Europe, Britain, USA, Indonesia and Australia for the students' selection.

MSU also offers medical, health science, business, management, foundation and postgraduates programmes through the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies, School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, Centre for Foundation Studies, Centre for Flexible Learning and the Graduate Management Centre.

For information on courses offered at FISE or other faculties and centres, call 03-55106868 or visit www.msu.edu.my

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