June 25, 2008

Primary Proms a Great Way to Mark Transition

AS A primary head teacher I feel the need to pass on my views regarding primary proms (Focus, June 21).

Unlike parent Nuala Gormley, who feels that "starting secondary is really just moving in, " I believe that the transition from primary to secondary is an important one and parents shouldn't take it lightly, as my experience has alerted me to the fact that it can be very stressful for some pupils.

To mark it with a prom, ideally outside of school grounds in a luxurious hotel, is a wonderful way to celebrate the past and to reflect on what lies ahead. There are some children who unfortunately do not experience special social events like these, so that in itself is another good enough reason to mark transitions with a prom.

Unlike Marion Roy's school in Barrhead, it is the dedicated staff and pupils in my school who organise the proms, not the parents, and the school holds a prom every year because we simply want to provide a wonderful experience before pupils leave us.

The pupils in my school use their enterprise skills to help raise money for the prom, as we do not live in an affluent area, and donations from other sources make it achievable. The impact of having a prom is immeasurable, as staff, pupils and parents come together to display a real school community celebrating life itself, and it is worth every penny. In an era which exposes children to the horrors of war, terrorism, political and economic unrest and horrendous crimes, I say to all ageing hippies: let your hair down, if you have any, and seize the day! Life is too short!

Thomas Mccormick, Head teacher, Fordbank Primary, Johnstone.

Originally published by Newsquest Media Group.

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