June 30, 2008

Monash Meets Need for More IT Personnel

THE field of information technology continues to offer wide career opportunities for those equipped with the right knowledge, as the use of computing technology has become indispensable in the workplace.

Current efforts to enhance efficiency and use information technology to make work easier and cost less will see a greater demand for people with the skills to meet such expectations, as well as those able to maintain and further develop such systems, said head of the School of Information Technology at Monash University's Sunway campus, Professor Lee Poh Aun.

"At one point, there was a perception that the field of IT no longer offered excellent career prospects. To some extent, there is still this perception among some students.

"However, if one were to look at the level of use of IT around us, it is clearly a growing field. Based on the feedback from employers, there is clearly still a strong demand for those with the right skills," said Lee.

"A key factor is the relevance of the programme. Our programmes are able to meet the requirements of the workplace. This is attested to by the fact that our graduates have done well upon graduation.

"Our professional certifications are recognised worldwide and provide graduates with training that prepares them to immediately start contributing at the workplace."

Monash offers two IT programmes at its campus in Bandar Sunway, a Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (BITS) and the Bachelor of Computer Science.

A BITS student, Vilnia, said she was drawn not only by the sophisticated facilities at the new RM200 million Sunway campus, but also the support from academic staff.

"I like the environment at the new Monash campus. It has a more sophisticated and larger library.

"It even has special labs for IT students," she said.

"Thanks to my patient programming lecturer, I know how to do programming, understand the algorithm behind it and have started loving it.

"One of the challenges that I face is submitting multiple major assignments the same week. I have to spend more time at the library and in front of my computer to finish them.

"When I received my merit scholarship, it was really a wonderful moment. I know now that hard work can win you a scholarship," said Vilnia.

Looking ahead, she said she was excited about completing her degree because she had heard from many people that Monash graduates were in high demand by many companies.

Aside from IT programmes, the Sunway campus also offers courses in Arts & Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Science, and Medicine and Health Sciences.

The Sunway campus -- which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year -- is one of eight campuses of Monash, Australia's largest and most international university.

New programmes this year include the Bachelor of Nursing (Post Registration) and the Bachelor of Arts (Global), as well as two new postgraduate programmes -- the Master's of International Business and Master's of Arts (Communication and Cultural Studies).

The programmes introduced last year the Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Bachelor of Psychology and Business and the Bachelor of Science (Food Science & Technology).

"The new campus sets a new stage for Monash University," says Professor Robin Pollard, Pro Vice-Chancellor and President (Malaysia).

Monash's Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program is the first outside Australia and New Zealand to be accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC), which means that medical graduates from Malaysia are recognised to practise in these two countries without further examination requirements.

For more information on the Monash educational experience, call 03-55146000, visit www.monash.edu.my, or send an email to [email protected]

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