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Japanese Take on Teaching Maths

July 1, 2008

Oldway Primary School has been trialling teaching maths – Japanese style.

Teachers at the school have taken part in a project, funded by the National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, showing an innovative way of teaching maths.

Japanese Lesson Study is an ongoing professional development process started in Japan.

Many teachers in this country are now trialling the teaching method after great results achieved by Japanese students.

Oldway Primary School is one of six schools in the area taking part in this research project that aims to see how Japanese Lesson Study might work in this country as an alternative form of professional development.

This particular project involves a group of teachers working together on a broad goal and developing lesson plans that are observed, analysed, and revised. The focus is on improving student thinking and making their lessons more effective.

Debbie Weible, Maths Subject Leader at Oldway Primary Schools welcomes this project and feels that all schools could benefit from it.

“Even though it’s still early days, I’ve already seen the benefits of this project. It’s great to see the teachers at school working together to plan lessons, and focusing on what the children are learning from their teaching. We can already see that the children are also benefiting from this project as many of the children are showing signs of improvement in their work.”

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