July 5, 2008

Teac Her’s ‘Murder’ Solved in Playground

HUNDREDS of schoolchildren became mini-Poirots and Miss Marples yesterday as they swapped conventional lessons to try to solve the mystery of who murdered their headteacher.

Pupils at Hirst Park Middle School in Ashington organised themselves into 20 separate detective agencies in an attempt to catch the 'killer' of headmaster Andy Roberts.

Throughout the day the 480 youngsters worked on problem-solving tasks which gave them access to a series of clues as to the identity of the member of staff who committed the foul deed.

They were also able to carry out police-style interviews with suspects among the 40-strong teaching and support staff, and use grid references to dig for hidden clues buried in the school grounds.

There was even a morning visit by a real-life police officer to give the young sleuths some expert advice on how to carry out their investigations.

The Murder Mystery event was devised and written by IT and maths teacher Dave Medd, and involved every member of the school staff becoming a suspect for the day.

It was part of a special Problem Solving Day involving all five schools in the Ashington Learning Partnership, aimed at helping to equip their 3,000 students with the skills needed in the world of work.

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