July 16, 2008

‘95% Will Never Use Welsh Outside Lessons’

HERE are some of the comments that have appeared on our forum on both sides of the debate:

Against Welsh-medium education

It is quite clear beyond any reasonable doubt that Welsh-medium education is damaging the education of our children.

It can be difficult for teachers to motivate children anyway but when they are being taught in a language they have no interest in and by teachers that are not really up to the job then the damage are done. You can bet that 95% of children in Welsh-mediumschools will never use it outside of school or even outside of lessons.

All that is being achieved is to drive children away from Welsh and further reducing the already low education standard in Wales.

Bob10 The question which nobody is asking is why do people want their child to go to a specifically Welsh-speaking school if they don't speak the language and have no intention of learning it? As a parent, I want to be there to support my child at home and they are already at a disadvantage if parents can't or won't learn the lingo. Bilingualism is fantastic, but I can honestly say that I would rather my children learn a language that is used more universally.

Oscar I amall for parental choice but really annoys is that they harp on so smugly that a Welsh-medium education is somehow superior to an English medium education and always try to perpetuate this myth.


For Welsh-medium education

The one and only factor that matters is parental choice. For whatever reason, more and more parents want Welsh-medium education for their children. So, as no-one is being forced into these schools, what on earth does anyone else have to complain about? Cardiff (along with other councils) is not having to expand its Welsh-medium provision for political or ideological reasons - but they are obliged to provide what real parents of real children want.

MH As an Englishman living in Wales this seems a very strange discussion for the Welsh to be having. You wouldn't expect France or Greece to say that they didn't want to learn their own language in school. Welsh is your language, isn't it? So why shouldn't kids learn to speak it?

You should be proud, not just of your country but your language.

Dalesman Demand for English-medium education is falling, in Welsh it is on the rise. You can't hold back the tide, face facts.


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