August 1, 2008

K-5 Enrollment on Tuesday at Havens


Only those children born on or before Dec. 2, 2003, qualify for kindergarten registration. Children should not accompany parents for registration. Parents are requested to bring birth certificates of children to be registered to show proof of age.

Documentation to show proof of Piedmont residency is also required. For a complete list of acceptable proofs, please go to:, click on "Board of Education," choose "Board Policies," choose "Section 5000," and choose Administrative Regulation 5111.1.

Information on "Assignment of Piedmont Students to Elementary Schools" can be obtained by choosing Administrative Regulation 5116.1. Please be advised that, if you are renting or leasing property in Piedmont, you must present a copy of the property owner's rental permit from the city of Piedmont at the time of enrollment, along with your rental agreement/lease.

As mandated by state law, parents will be required to complete an immunization record for each child being registered at the time of registration. Parents should come prepared with documented evidence showing complete dates that children have been adequately immunized.

State law requires that parents/guardians submit an immunization record prior to kindergarten entry. Additionally, at the elementary level, all students are required to have an oral health assessment (dental checkup) by May 31 in either kindergarten or first grade, whichever is the student's first year in public school.

It is the intent to keep class sizes similar from school to school. In order to do this, children may be assigned to a Piedmont school outside their immediate residency area. Every attempt will be made to keep siblings together and to look at school proximity if a shift is necessary. If you are new to the district or have not registered your children previously, please plan to enroll your student or students.