August 6, 2008

District to Pay Superintendent $250,000 a Year


GREENSBORO -- The new superintendent of Guilford County Schools will make $250,000 per year plus benefits under the terms of a four- year contract released Tuesday.

Maurice "Mo" Green signed the deal Saturday. He starts his new job Sept. 8, and the contract runs through June 30, 2012.

Although the 11-page contract is straightforward, putting a dollar amount on the total compensation would be difficult, Guilford County Schools attorney Jill Wilson said.

"A lot of the benefits are state required, and it would be hard to put a figure on them," Wilson said. "... Honestly, that's not something that's customarily done."

In addition to the $250,000 base salary, Green's contract also includes:

l Eligibility for an annual raise of at least 3 percent.

l Full medical, vision and dental insurance for Green and his family, with 100 percent of the premiums paid by the school district.

l An annual $20,000 contribution to Green's state retirement plan.

l A security clause that stipulates the school district will pay for any protection for Green and his family in the event of public controversy or any other reason deemed necessary.

l 20 days of paid vacation, with up to 10 days of unused vacation paid as a bonus.

l An in-county travel allowance of $1,000 per month, plus reimbursement for out-of-county expenses.

l An electronic communication device -- cell phone -- with all fees, charges and maintenance paid by the district. However, Green will have to reimburse the district for any personal calls.

l Memberships in national, state and local professional associations will be paid for by the school district, as well as membership dues and expenses for civic and community organizations.

l A clause allowing Green to make money consulting, lecturing and writing for other schools or educational agencies.

Guilford school board Chairman Alan Duncan said the security clause is fairly standard for superintendent positions.

"It's just the nature of the post," Duncan said, noting that parents can become emotional when it comes to their children's education.

Former Superintendent Terry Grier had a similar clause in his contract.

Green, 41, was the deputy superintendent for Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools, a district with 18,000 employees and 185,000 students. He made $202,800 in salary plus up to $40,280 in performance bonuses in that post.

He moved into the No. 2 post in that district after serving as the school district's attorney.

"When you're negotiating (a contract) with a lawyer, it's always amusing," Wilson said. "Lawyers read things differently because of their training. Every word gets scrutinized, but it didn't take us too long to come up with something acceptable to both sides."

In the top job in Guilford, Green will oversee the state's third- largest school district with more than 10,000 employees and 71,000 students.

Wilson said she was pleased with the contract negotiations.

"It's a great start to a great relationship," she said. "The board feels good about this. Mo feels good about this."

When Grier left in February, his base salary in Guilford was $202,903 per year. Grier left to take the superintendent's job in San Diego,

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