August 7, 2008

Skoobit Launches Online College Textbook Rental Service

Skoobit has developed a textbook rental system that will enable college students to rent text books for the months, semesters, or for the year. Skoobit decided to establish this new way to help college students -- Graduate and Undergraduate -- with the jaw-dropping cost of textbooks. The idea is similar to movie rentals, but without the late fees. Now college students in a financial squeeze, can pay less for text books, and have money left over for more than noodles.

Most students have to pay for college tuition, room and board, transportation, and a large number of other expenses. A good percentage of student income goes towards textbooks that, on average, are never looked at after the semester, or are sold back for a fraction of the original price. So, don't spend more than necessary for textbooks. Rent instead of own.

"When I was in college I had to spend hundreds of dollars on books each semester, and every semester I would try to sell them back, but would receive a lot less than I paid for, if I got anything at all," said Christopher Blythe, creator of Skoobit. "I felt that there was a better way for students to get the books required without spending too much money," added Blythe.

Some major complaints among college students in regards to finances include:

-- Over-priced books

-- Waiting weeks for books that were purchased online, and not receiving them before a test, or at all

-- Book Store issues:

-- Selling books back and receiving little to nothing

-- The book not being in stock

-- Rising costs for:

-- Tuition

-- Books

-- Gas

-- Food

-- Difficulty getting student loans

With Skoobit tackling all of the above issues, students will be able to find and rent virtually any textbook through Skoobit's alternative to the conventional bookstore. College students will be able to rent any textbook for as long as needed with the simple commitment of returning it once they are done using it. It's an easy procedure.

To place orders visit There are a variety of plans to satisfy the needs of students, such as special summer semester plans for those who only require 3 books at a time. The most popular plan would be a $10.99 a month per book for four months. Shipping and handling is FREE for receiving as well as returning.

About Skoobit

Skoobit is on a mission to change the perspective students have towards buying textbooks and all of the complications that are involved. Our service will provide a very easy way to rent college books, along with the user having the luxury of returning the textbooks at any time they wish.

Need a book? Just Skoobit!