August 12, 2008

School Board to Weigh Costs of Activity Buses


GREENSBORO -- Guilford County's Board of Education will be asked to spend more to ferry students back and forth between extracurricular activities this school year.

At its meeting tonight, the board will consider raising the activity bus mileage fee more than 30 cents per mile.

Last year, Guilford County's 86 activity buses logged 518,789 miles for field trips, sporting events and other extra trips.

Not counting bus driver salaries and benefits, those trips cost the district $1.1085 per mile -- more than $575,000 in all.

Today, with the cost of diesel fuel well north of $4 per gallon, the board will consider raising that fee to $1.4130 per mile, effective Sept. 1.

Based on last year's miles, that comes out to more than $733,000.

Jeff Harris, the school district's director of transportation, and his staff will also recommend a quarterly review of the fee because of the fluctuation of fuel costs.

The formula used to calculate the fee is based on the N.C. Department of Public Instruction method of calculating school bus refund rates.

Other items on the agenda include:

l The board will consider spending $175,175 to enroll the district in the SpringBoard program designed by The College Board.

SpringBoard's middle-school language arts programs and classroom materials are designed to better prepare students for high school and get more students ready for Advanced Placement classes.

l Eric Becoats, co-interim superintendent until Maurice "Mo" Green starts Sept. 8, will update the board on the district's Adequate Yearly Progress results.

l Leo Bobadilla, chief operations officer, and Jill Wilson, school attorney, will brief the board about a proposed ABC store location on Pisgah Church Road near the SCALE school site.

l The district will honor Haley Miller, communications program administrator, as employee of the month for August, and Erwin Montessori's Adlois Shoffner as volunteer of the month.

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