August 19, 2008

Legal – City of Salem Schools, 2008-2009 Special Education Programs

Special education programs are available to residents of the City of Salem who have disabled children ages 2 through 21. Disabled children whose second birthday falls on or before September 30 and who have not reached their twenty-second birthday on or before September 30 are eligible for services.For the 2008-2009 school year, classroom instruction and related services are provided by certified personnel for eligible disabled students in the following classifications:Mental Retardation DeafnessSpecific Learning DisabledAutismEmotionally DisturbedVisually ImpairedSpeech and Language Impaired Hearing ImpairedMultiple DisabilitiesOrthopedically ImpairedOther Health Impaired Developmentally Delayed Severely and Profoundly Disabled Traumatic Brain Injured Other Services Available A Parent Resource Center is available to assist parents through planned workshops and information dissemination. Additionally, the City of Salem Schools participates in the Roanoke Regional Board of Low Incidence that provides programs and services for certain classifications of low incidence disabilities. As determined appropriate, non-public special education services may be provided at no cost to the parent of a disabled student after it has been determined that the local school division is unable to provide an appropriate public education and such a program is not appropriately available in a state facility.Information regarding the above is available to parents and guardians from the office of the Director of Student Services, 510 S. College Avenue, Salem, Virginia 24153-5050, telephone (540) 389- 0130. Members of the Special Education Advisory Committee Sharon Paisley Maxine Casey Darryl Helems Mary Hughes Pat MacDonald Kathy Greenan Lewis Romano Sally Southard Kristyn Shepherd Terry Thomas Tom Willett Tristan Looney Robertson The City of Salem Schools does not discriminate in any educational program or activities or in employment policies on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability.(11035625)

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