August 21, 2008

Go to College for New Friends and a Positive Experience

By Brian Robinson; OBE Principal; Coleg Sir Gar

Following years of education nurtured in familiar surroundings supported by familiar faces, uncertainty is only natural when the time comes to leave school.

A college education is for many, an extremely positive progression, unleashing new-found confidence and unravelling skills and talent, all of which are encouraged and developed within a friendly and relaxed learning environment.

Colleges are able to offer a range of excellent vocational and academic courses through partnerships with universities and industry. Studying at college also has the added benefit of a wide range of teaching expertise from lecturers who have worked in the various industries and sectors which form part of the education and training provided, such as engineering or health and social care.

By providing such a diverse range of courses, colleges are also able to provide state of the art facilities such as media suites and hairdressing salons to support specific training areas which strictly conform to industry standards.

Given the post compulsory nature of college education, students are encouraged to be in control of their own learning programmes and will be supported by a personal tutor and a range of lecturers and staff dedicated to student welfare.

The majority of colleges will offer student support such as counselling, careers guidance and financial help through scholarships, Government schemes and internal college funding schemes.

The support received in school for pupils needing additional help with learning will be continued and developed all the way through their college life. Colleges have years of experience and dedicated staff to help and support students with dyslexia and other additional learning needs.

The idea of change can understandably cause fear, but change also brings with it positive new experiences, new friends sharing new adventures and a whole host of opportunities for the future.

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