August 25, 2008

Transfer Option Worries Patrons at Edison Prep


They are concerned about the impact of overcrowding.

Tulsa school board member Brian Hunt said he is concerned that the mission of Edison Preparatory School could be "compromised" if too many students from other high schools transfer there this year.

Central, Hale, McLain, Rogers and Webster high schools are having to offer parents the option of transferring their child because those schools receive federal Title I funds but did not meet state and federal standards under the No Child Left Behind Act.

"If as a result of the No Child Left Behind transfer issue, the Edison mission becomes compromised, I will seek ways to address the situation and would appreciate this board's help," Hunt said in a statement.

Edison and Booker T. Washington High School are the only Tulsa high schools not expected to be sanctioned to the Oklahoma School Improvement List next week. But Washington is not accepting transfer students because it is a magnet school with special admissions.

Parents have until Aug. 29 to return transfer applications, so the impact of transfers at Edison won't be known until after that deadline.

Hunt said in the meantime, he would like to have a meeting of the school board policy committee and to discuss the issue with State Superintendent Sandy Garrett "to see how much help might be available in addressing this issue."

He would also like to set up a meeting where Edison faculty and parents could get their questions and concerns addressed as soon as possible.

About 150 Edison parents turned out for a September 2007 meeting to say they were concerned about overcrowding at the school as a result of transfer students.

The federal No Child Left Behind Act requires schools to make "adequate yearly progress," or AYP, in reading and math test scores, the number of students who take standardized tests, and attendance or graduation rates. If schools do not make AYP for two consecutive years, they are named to the Oklahoma School Improvement List.

Likewise, it takes two consecutive years of making AYP for a school to be removed from the list.

The state is expected to announce the 2008 School Improvement List on Aug. 28.

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