August 27, 2008

How Can Results Like This Mean Closure?

The people of Trentham and Hanford have been eagerly awaiting the release of the GCSE results this year. Even with the threat of closure, the staff and pupils of Trentham High School have worked incredibly hard under the headship of Mrs Chesterton, and now the fruits of these efforts can clearly be seen.

In 2006 the school achieved 34 per cent for 5 GCSE's grade A*-C (including Maths and English), in 2007 this jumped to 44 per cent and now, in 2008, the results have jumped again and stand at 57 per cent.

I'm sure there cannot be many schools in the country that can boast such an impressive turn around in fortunes. And I'm sure that there can be no other schools in the country that, following such success, would be under the threat of closure!

Where are Councillors Ibbs and Irving and the Mayor now? Surely such an excellent set of exam results should be lauded by our local representatives, especially when one is the Portfolio Holder for Children and Young Peoples Services (Ibbs).

I would hope they would be hanging their heads in shame, but this is not how they work. They will be putting together some 'political' words on how changing the BSF proposal now would put the Government's investment in doubt and how keeping Trentham High open would mean closing another school.

This is not true. The money offered is not based on a specific number of schools of a specific size.

At this stage, the councils proposal that is currently with the Government doesn't even detail which schools will close or be made into academies.

Government are saying.

It is Serco that have specified their own preferred school size and so it is Serco that have dictated that a particular number of schools should close.

If exam results are not enough to save Trentham High then it is abundantly clear that the mayor has no interest in educational standards in this city.

The Government claims that every child matters. If this is the case, why is the Elected Mayor neglecting the children of South Stoke?



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