September 8, 2008

Student Progress, Uniforms Discussed

Duval County Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals appeared in a live chat on on Thursday. Here are some excerpts:

Whatever happened to the school uniform requirements for elementary and middle schools?

It's still possible to have it required, but it has to go through the school advisory council. When we looked at it, we had to have an opt-out policy because we knew it would be legally challenged, probably through the U.S. Supreme Court. I think we need to come back and say either we have a policy or we don't have a policy. I personally favor a uniform.

What [do] you think are the most important things parents need to know and/or do to make sure their children are successful students?

I'll go through just a few key items. Go to the open house, meet the teacher and get an idea of what the curriculum is. The second one is to keep up with the progress of your child either through school notes, progress reports or online systems the schools are using that give information about their child's progress. Third would be to set up conferences early on when there are signs of trouble. Set up a time and place for homework and ask to see it when it's done.



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