September 9, 2008

Obama Outlines Education Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, at an event in Ohio, outlined his education plan, saying learning was ignored by the Bush administration.

"Our kids and our country can't afford four more years of neglect and indifference. At this defining moment in our history, America faces few more urgent challenges than preparing our children to compete in a global economy," Obama said in Riverside, Ohio.

The senator from Illinois also charged that Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the Republican candidate, hasn't done "one thing" to improve public education, CNN reported.

Obama said he wants to invest more into early childhood education, which would lead to better trained students in reading and math, and increase the likelihood of students pursuing higher education. He also proposed a $4,000 tax credit to middle-class college students who commit to a year of public service.

Obama said he supports the original goals of the No Child Left Behind program, Bush's signature education program, but that teachers need better resources to live up to the program's promise to educate every child.

He said he would double the funding for "responsible" charter schools, explaining that parents need need more choice when selecting a school.

Obama's speech came as his campaign released an ad that said McCain's economic plan would divert funds from public education.

McCain's campaign said Obama's allegations were untrue and a "desperate attack."