September 10, 2008

Save Grammars for Our Children

I Read about the NUT calling for grammar schools to be scrapped (Echo, September 2).

John Pemberthy, from the NUT, says that one of the reasons that grammar schools get good results is that they can select good, well- behaved children from middle class families.

Admittedly, there are those who pay for tutoring to ensure their children get into Pate's. I don't agree with this and those children are the ones who end up struggling once they are there.

Unless the grammars start taking the child's work and grades from their previous school into account, this is going to happen.

I have a son at Pate's Grammar School and he got there through his academic ability and attitude to schoolwork. The many friends he's made at Pate's include children who live in Hester's Way, Whaddon and other financially-challenged areas. These children, along with almost everyone else, got into Pate's school for the same reasons, their academic ability and attitude.

Does Mr Pemberthy not realise that grammar schools study the same school curriculum as everyone else? Mr Pemberthy, your words are insulting to the majority at grammar schools and show your lack of care at giving more 'academically-minded' children the education they deserve.

Isn't that the reason grammar schools exist? Weren't they built so that children who are not rich but clever enough for private education do not miss out on achieving their full potential?

So much is being done in schools nowadays to aid non-academic children who are struggling so why do people seem intent on trying to curse those children who are academic?

We should be celebrating the fact that grammar schools exist, not closing them. We should feel proud of living in a country that supports all of our future adults.

A country that supports all children, from all walks of life, no matter what their academic ability.

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