September 19, 2008

Local Students Finish School With Confidence

By Angela Smith

Thursday, many students of the St. Joseph school district will be able to celebrate the last day of school by confidently speaking a new language. "Work with the English as a Second Language" staff helped more than 290 students in the St. Joseph school district this year.

Humboldt Elementary and two other district elementary schools have ESOL classrooms that serve the ESOL population. That population has tripled since Triumph Foods opened back in 2006.

Students in the ESOL program spend most of their time in the regular classroom and visit the ESOL classrooms for help. Three students from Humboldt that spoke to the news-press all said because of the class, they are now more confident both in the classroom and everyday life.

Thursday is the last day of school for the school district. It is the day where the 290 students celebrate progress.

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