September 22, 2008

Turnitin Forms Alliance With Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals to Offer All State Secondary Schools Access to New Instructional Tool for Writing

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Turnitin today announced an alliance with the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) to offer each of the state's high schools and middle schools a low-cost option to purchase Turnitin's new instructional tool, WriteCycle(TM).

WriteCycle is a 100%, digital workflow solution consisting of three interconnected services that help students better engage with their courses, instructors and peers. Turnitin's leading originality checking and plagiarism protection service helps students and teachers identify various forms of plagiarism and correct the problems. GradeMark(TM), a digital markup system, frees instructors from hand-grading papers, allowing them more time to give each student valuable and frequent feedback; and Peer Review helps students become invested in their work, and the work of others.

"Michigan places strong emphasis on preparing a highly skilled workforce, especially in the face of diminishing manufacturing jobs," said MASSP's Executive Director Jim Ballard. "Writing is an essential skill underscored by the inclusion of the ACT Plus(TM) Writing test into the Michigan Merit Exam required for all students in grade 11, which assesses skills for high school English and entry-level college composition courses. This alliance is an important step in providing our high schools with a way to improve student writing across the curriculum."

MASSP approached Turnitin after a board member suggested the service as a way of preparing students for high stakes writing exams, and ultimately, improving Adequate Yearly Progress. After reviewing the benefits of WriteCycle, the board asked Turnitin for a proposal that could pave the way for widespread adoption of WriteCycle. The alliance with Turnitin enables MASSP to offer special pricing for the service to their members.

"This alliance is an example of how business and education can work together to make sure students are prepared for a 21st century workforce," said Katie Povejsil, vice president of marketing at Turnitin. "It's an innovative way to do business, and one we hope will be a model to other educational organizations. Turnitin is also developing ways to help educators use WriteCycle to improve academic performance on writing-intensive assignments in any subject area."

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Turnitin is a sponsor of Good Digital Citizenship, one of the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) developed by the International Association of Educational Technology, a nonprofit membership organization that provides leadership and service to advance the effective use of technology. These standards provide administrators, educators and students with guidelines and insight about meeting the challenges of teaching and learning in a digital world. The NETS standard for good digital citizenship encourages faculty to teach students early and often about the proper uses of information, how to access reliable sources, and give others proper credit for their work.

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