October 3, 2008

ClassScene Creates Sense of Community at Nation’s Schools

In January 2008, Walsworth Publishing unveiled a new way to preserve and view school memories with its unique and proprietary online media-sharing platform called ClassScene. As school districts across the nation begin to embrace social networking and media-sharing, ClassScene is working to help schools create a greater sense of community and bridge communication gaps between students, parents and school communities.

First introduced to offer parents, students, faculty members and others within a school community a way to create, share and store memories from the school year, ClassScene does so in an environment that offers the ultimate in safety, security and control. With site access authorization, anyone in the network -- from school administrators to community members -- can upload pictures, music or video and decide who shares the fun and information. A school-appointed content reviewer, along with ClassScene technical support, ensures no inappropriate photos or content are posted for public access.

The growth of ClassScene's client roster prompted the company to examine its offerings. With multi-media learning being added to many schools' curriculums, ClassScene officials recognized the need to incorporate feedback from its member schools and enhance the site. In mid-September, the company officially launched ClassScene 1.0, which features advanced capabilities to help schools continue to teach and use modern technology in the classroom.

The next generation of ClassScene features more user friendly functions, a faster upload process for multiple photos and videos, albums and slideshow options, and updated media players. ClassScene 1.0 also offers permission controls that allow files to be viewable by invitation only, to school members only, to all ClassScene accounts or to the general public.

With ClassScene 1.0, each school can now create a gallery that is highlighted with their school's logo and colors. Students can create multiple, customizable galleries and can now tag their friends in photos and comment on posted items -- all of which were added based on suggestions made by current member schools. To continue to ensure that no inappropriate content is posted, the school-appointed administrators are now notified when new files have been uploaded so they can view and approve the content before it's posted for members of the school community to access.

"ClassScene was not intended to replace printed yearbooks," said Jay Waddell, Director of Marketing for ClassScene. "We wanted to offer schools a solution that allowed them to use school photos in a way that simply wasn't possible with a printed yearbook. We feel that a safe, secure social media site like ClassScene has the potential to bring faculty, students and parents together to create a community, increase participation, and promote school spirit in a way that students will get excited about."

For parents looking to get involved in their children's education, ClassScene provides an easy way for them to share in daily school experiences, communicate with their children, view classroom activities and even celebrate their children's accomplishments. With ClassScene, parents are also encouraged to become actively involved in the school year.

According to Matt Hallauer, yearbook advisor at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Overland Park, Kansas, ClassScene has provided a place for his students to store photos so that parents can easily stay involved in what is happening at school. "This is a generation of parents and students that is used to taking lots of pictures of every event. ClassScene offers protection, privacy, and yet still is a site that's capable of doing everything."

"The way that today's students share information is changing," said Waddell. "So much of what people do is posted online and we want to give everyone the opportunity to tell their story. Our client list has grown phenomenally this year, and I think that's a direct reflection on the advancements that schools are making to introduce social networking in a controlled environment."

ABOUT ClassScene

In 2007, Walsworth Publishing unveiled ClassScene by Walsworth as a new way to preserve and view school memories.

ClassScene provides the ability for today's students to relive and experience the most important and special events of the school year as they occur, in a safe and secure online environment. Along with sharing images and video with ClassScene, students are able to create their own personal studio to share movies, montages and albums with friends and family.

Our mission is to improve the sense of community in schools by providing a secure online platform that empowers students, parents and faculty to create, share, and archive forever the most cherished accomplishments and memories of their educational journey, with student safety and ease of use at the forefront. www.classscene.com


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