October 7, 2008

Acton School of Business Sees Five-Year Streak Atop Princeton Review’s Best Business Schools Rankings

The Princeton Review has once again ranked the Acton School of Business MBA in Entrepreneurship (www.actonmba.org) as one of the "best" U.S. business schools in multiple categories.

The Princeton Review, respected for it's guidebooks on careers and higher education, ranked Acton as second in "Best Classroom Experience" and third in "Best Professors" and "Most Competitive Students." The relatively young school, which in 2009 will graduate its sixth class of future entrepreneurs, out-ranked more established programs at schools such as Harvard, Dartmouth, and Rutgers. The Review based its rankings on feedback from 19,000 students at 296 business schools across the U.S. Acton also received recognition as one of the top ten "Best Administered" MBA programs in the country. While several business schools include classes in entrepreneurship, Acton is one of only a handful to offer a degree in the subject, and the only one with a teaching staff consisting entirely of non-tenured, practicing entrepreneurs.

Georgia Thomsen, Acton's executive director, credits the program's rapid rise among the ranks of the oldest and most renowned educational institutions in the U.S. to its unique curriculum, professors, and self-evaluation system.

"To say that our classroom experience is intense would be a discredit to the dedication of our students," says Thomsen. "With nearly 100-hour work weeks and assignments which range from building working circuit boards to selling door-to-door, our program is only for those truly devoted to furthering their education and their entrepreneurial career."

"Acton takes great steps to ensure that students are happy with the instruction they receive. We seek student feedback on a weekly basis, asking them to evaluate both the program and our professors. Given that our teachers are all highly successful entrepreneurs and actively running a business while they teach, the students find the case study discussions to be relevant and insightful and are consistently pleased."

"Not only do Acton students graduate with an MBA in half the time of traditional programs," concludes Thomsen, "they also leave with the ability and know-how to build a successful business from the ground up, more self-aware about their capabilities and aspirations than before they came."

Acton's Class of 2009, the largest yet, will be the first to graduate from new facilities built in Austin, Texas. Complete with study areas, offices and an innovative 60-seat amphitheater featuring a revolutionary HD video recording and review technology system designed specifically for the school, the campus represents an exciting advancement for the nationally recognized MBA program in Entrepreneurship. Enrolling only 40 students per year, admission to the Acton program is highly competitive, so prospective students are urged to apply early. November 5, 2008 is the first opportunity to apply for the 2010 school year.

About The Acton School of Business

The Acton School of Business, located in Austin, Texas, is a one-year MBA in Entrepreneurship program taught by successful, practicing entrepreneurs. The program is based entirely on experiential learning, featuring intensive 90-hour work weeks where students stand in the shoes of the entrepreneur in over 300 case studies, run real assembly lines and must sell products door to door in order to graduate.

The student-faculty ratio is lower than any MBA program in the country, allowing students to develop strong bonds with their entrepreneur teachers.

The Princeton Review has ranked Acton's teachers among the top five MBA faculties in the country for the past five years and rates Acton as the second "Best Classroom Experience" in the nation. The Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship is offered through Hardin Simmons University.