October 7, 2008

ETA/Cuisenaire Products Featured in New U.S. Department of Education Consumer Guide

Educational publisher ETA/Cuisenaire announces that two of its flagship products, VersaTiles(R) Math and VersaTiles(R) Literacy, have been reviewed and recommended by the U.S. Department of Education in a new Consumer's Guide to Afterschool Math and Literacy. The guide is a joint publication produced by the U.S. Department of Education's National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning at SEDL (formerly the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory) and PEAR (Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency at Harvard University). To date, less than 20 math and literacy educational products have been approved for inclusion in the prestigious Guide.

VersaTiles for Math and Literacy are designed as supplemental learning programs for both traditional classroom and afterschool programs. The exclusive VersaTiles self-correcting practice system builds students' skills through the challenge of a puzzle and the independent practice of a workbook, offering activities that allow students to advance learning at their own pace. VersaTiles are based on research linking conceptual understanding, practice of skills and concepts, and problem-solving, and are aligned to both state and national education standards. Teachers who reviewed products for the new Consumer's Guide found VersaTiles motivational and engaging for students of all backgrounds and learning styles.

Inclusion in the new Afterschool Consumer's Guide designates VersaTiles Math and VersaTiles Literacy as products that foster "intentional learning environments" in settings such as afterschool programs where clear learning goals and related activities are present and there is a precise match between the two.

The new Consumer's Guide was created to aid afterschool programs locate and make informed choices about high-quality math and literacy resources that match their individual needs, as well as help them choose above-average curricula that supports the creation of intentional learning environments.

"VersaTiles Math and Literacy engage students in purposeful independent practice designed to increase mastery of essential skills," notes Sean Klunder, Marketing Director for ETA/Cuisenaire. "This listing further substantiates the benefits and flexible format that VersaTiles brings to any learning environment."

To learn more about VersaTiles and other hands-on educational products for afterschool programs, visit www.etacuisenaire.com.

About ETA/Cuisenaire

Headquartered in Vernon Hills, Ill., ETA/Cuisenaire is recognized as the premier publisher and pioneer of Interactive Literacy and manipulatives-based education, with more than 8,000 supplemental reading, math, and science resources. Aligned to state and national standards, these products offer hands-on educational opportunities that make learning fun for students and teaching more effective for educators.