October 10, 2008

Schools to Be Judged on Pupil Wellbeing

SCHOOLS are to be judged on how well they contribute to pupil wellbeing.

Parents and pupils will be asked for their views on issues such as whether a school is encouraging physical activity under the proposals launched yesterday.

The new Children's Minister, Baroness Delyth Morgan, announced a consultation on a proposed set of measures which will recognise and reward schools for their contribution to pupil wellbeing.

Under the proposals, schools will have to provide quantitative data already available, such as figures on the take-up of school lunches and their overall attendance rate.

But pupils and parents will also be asked for their opinions about how well their school promotes wellbeing.

This could include asking about whether the school deals effectively with bullying and whether pupils feel safe at school, as well as about physical activity.

The information will all be recorded and provided to Ofsted, who will use it when evaluating wellbeing of a school's pupils. The information will also be used by the schools themselves.

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