October 22, 2008

New Mexico Public School District Improves System-Wide Scores With Everyday Mathematics

MORIARTY, N.M., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Since Everyday Mathematics from Wright Group/McGraw-Hill has been implemented in the Moriarty-Edgewood School District, math scores have consistently improved. In fact, the New Mexico Standards Based Assessment (NMSBA) test showed the percentage of elementary students scoring Proficient and Above in mathematics increased by 16 percent since the program was piloted in 2006.

Before the district began using Everyday Mathematics, only 35 percent of elementary students met or exceeded math standards. The district decided to pilot the program during the 2005-2006 school year. Pilot teachers were so pleased with the initial success of the program that it was later adopted district-wide in the spring of 2006.

District math coach Rebecca Campos said her teachers rave about the effect of Everyday Mathematics on the progress of their students.

"What I really like about Everyday Math is that it's rigorous. There is a lot expected of the students and as a result, they make a lot of progress," she said. "Teachers come to me at the end of the year saying that they never expected their students to learn as much as they did."

Scores in the middle school (Grade 7 and Grade 8) also improved. Between the first year of full implementation and the second, scores went up 15 percent. In 2005, when Everyday Mathematics was not being used, 22 percent of middle school students scored Proficient and Above in mathematics; by the 2007 school year, the number rose to 42 percent.

The applications involved in Everyday Mathematics makes it realistic for the children," said Campos. "I also think it broadens teachers' understanding of math."

About Everyday Mathematics

Wright Group/McGraw-Hill's Everyday Mathematics is the nation's leading standards-based elementary mathematics program for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6. The program helps students measure up to the demand for greater mathematical competence and problem-solving ability. Developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, the research-based curriculum is used in nearly 185,000 classrooms across the United States by more than 3 million children.

The third edition was recently launched and offers more support for learning differences, extra help for English-language learners, enhanced assessment and new support for the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten mathematics classrooms. The third edition also features new technology components to support teachers and students.

Visit EverydayMathSuccess.com to read about the program's efficacy and see WrightGroup.com/parent_connection/index.html for parent resources.

About Wright Group/McGraw-Hill

Wright Group/McGraw-Hill publishes innovative core and supplemental literacy and mathematics programs for differentiated instruction and teacher training in Grades Pre-K-8. The research-based approach is anchored in real-world applications and is based on the assessed needs of students, combining developmentally appropriate materials with explicit outcomes.

Wright Group is part of McGraw-Hill Education, a leading global provider of instructional, assessment and reference solutions that empower the success of professionals and students of all ages. McGraw-Hill Education has offices in 33 countries and publishes in more than 40 languages. Additional information is available at mheducation.com. For more information on Wright Group's products, call 1-800-648-2970 or visit wrightgroup.com.

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