October 28, 2008

America’s Teachers Issue Urgent Call for Financial Education in Classroom

CAMPBELL, Calif., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's economic climate, financial literacy is crucial. HotChalk, the first online education resource connecting teachers, students and parents, surveyed over 500 teachers regarding financial literacy education for K - 12 students. Results were stunning. HotChalk found that an overwhelming 96% of the teachers surveyed voiced a need for financial literacy curricula while 76% believe national standards are necessary so students are equipped to handle financial issues as adults.

Edward Fields, HotChalk's Chairman and CEO stated: "It is our responsibility as adults, parents and citizens to provide children with the best financial education possible. In order to achieve this, teachers must be equipped with a high quality curriculum. Setting national standards is an important first step in using this 'teachable moment' in history to make a positive impact on our futures -- both ours and our children's. Today's children are tomorrow's leaders, and we must make sure they don't repeat our mistakes."

On September 29th, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 778 points -- unprecedented for a single day -- and suffered several downturns and fluctuations since then. More than ever, teachers are realizing the key role of financial education in preventing a similar crisis in the future. The fall of the financial markets changed the opinion of 57% of the educators surveyed regarding the importance of financial literacy. 96% believe financial education is important, with 72% responding it is very crucial.

Despite overwhelming educator support for financial literacy education, teachers need administrative support for a successful program. Only 49% of teachers currently receive administrative support for implementing financial curricula, and only 55% currently incorporate financial education into their teaching. Support and standards-based resources are paramount for helping teachers integrate needed financial literacy skills into the core curriculum -- so our kids leave school equipped to secure both a healthy personal future and a more secure economy for our nation and the world.

HotChalk is offering its support by providing free financial literacy curricula for K- 12 students on HotChalk.com. Basic topics include saving, budgeting and managing a bank account, along with more advanced areas such as investing and using credit wisely. Lesson plans are found at HotChalk.com.

The HotChalk survey was conducted from October 2nd - October 22nd, 2008. Of the 505 participating teachers, 72% are public school teachers, and 80% teach 5th - 12th grade. 86% have been teaching over four years, and 45% over 15 years. 21% teach in the Northeast, 24% in the Southeast, 19% in the Midwest, 4% in the Northwest and 13% in the Southwest.

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