November 12, 2008

Wright Group/McGraw-Hill’s UCSMP Transition Mathematics and UCSMP Algebra Chosen for Kentucky State Math Adoption

CHICAGO, Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The Kentucky Department of Education has selected UCSMP Transition Mathematics and UCSMP Algebra, published by Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, for its state math adoption. The secondary school programs correlate with state standards and offer enriched content, real-world applications to problem solving, and integrated use of technology.

UCSMP Transition Mathematics and UCSMP Algebra -- available at -- were developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP), the team of researchers and experts that also created the widely used Everyday Mathematics Pre-K-6 program.

UCSMP secondary texts use a unique four-dimensional approach called SPUR to cover the mathematical skills and concepts vital to everyday life. The SPUR approach to mathematical learning ensures that students experience the multiple aspects of understanding mathematical situations:

   -- Skills: having ways to obtain and check solutions   -- Properties: knowing properties that identify and justify reasoning   -- Uses: recognizing situations in which the mathematics is applied   -- Representations: picturing or otherwise representing the mathematical      ideas    

One district that has selected UCSMP Transition Mathematics and UCSMP Algebra is Fort Thomas Independent Schools, a Kentucky district that consistently achieves high test scores and has ranked as Kentucky's highest performing K-12 public school district for 13 consecutive years.

In fact, Fort Thomas Independent Schools will be using a comprehensive K- 12 UCSMP solution with Everyday Mathematics in the elementary schools and UCSMP secondary programs in the middle and high schools.

Superintendent John R. Williamson said, "UCSMP's Everyday Math, Transition Mathematics and Algebra programs engage students in rigorous, authentic problem solving. We have used UCSMP programs for the past 18 years, and have found no other programs that actually require students to solve problems in authentic contexts. Four years ago, we adopted Everyday Math for our elementary grades, and students love math. They are engaged and are becoming more critical thinkers. Our test results prove that these programs work; all our elementary schools as well as the high school have exceeded proficiency goals."

Kentucky schools interested in learning about UCSMP Transition Mathematics and UCSMP Algebra can contact:

    -- Brian Gossage, Western Ky. Sales Representative,       [email protected]    -- Dwight Levi, Eastern Ky. Sales Representative,       [email protected]     About UCSMP Mathematics  

Mathematics education experts at the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project have developed UCSMP mathematics programs through 24 years of research and testing. The curricula are used by more than 3.5 million Pre- K-12 students across the country. Perhaps the most well known is Everyday Mathematics, the nation's top standards-based elementary program. UCSMP emphasizes problem-solving, everyday applications, the use of technology, and reading, while developing and maintaining basic skills.

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