January 21, 2009

60 U.S. schools start nutrition program

Sixty schools throughout the United States have instituted a nutrition program aimed at promoting increased fruit and vegetable consumption, a principal says.

Sendera Ranch Principal Suzie McNeese said her school in Haslet, Texas, is one of the schools embracing the new program that is attempting to expand students' food knowledge, the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram said Wednesday.

McNeese said the food bar offered to students as part of the program offers nutritional mainstays such as carrot sticks and apples for free and there are plans to offer such dishes as Southwestern salad.

We're really just trying to put some things out there they ordinarily wouldn't try, she said. There are some tried-and-true things we know kids love, but we want to give them some more options.

The dining services program is called Cool*Caf and is the brainchild of cafeteria vender Aramark. Aaron Wylie, an Aramark food service director, told the Star-Telegram that the monthly program also includes educational shows and material for students that promote good nutrition.