March 17, 2009

Student searches Internet for college fund

A Michigan 17-year-old said she has started a Web-based fundraising drive to help her afford to attend the University of Notre Dame.

Rachel Harris, a senior at Reesths-Puffer High School in Muskegon, said she posted her high school transcript and other information about herself to the Web site in the hopes that people will be inspired to donate to her college fund, the Muskegon Chronicle reported Tuesday.

Last year, I saw the power of the Internet, as President Obama did some very successful fundraising for his presidential campaign, Harris said in an e-mail. I decided to try and use the power of the Internet to help me pay for my college education.

Harris said her Notre Dame education will cost an estimated $46,000 per year and she's still waiting to hear back about at least 10 scholarship applications.

The student said that while she has not been officially accepted to Notre Dame, she is confident that her 3.97 grade point average and recommendation letters from teachers and her high school principal will convince the school's admissions board.

The only thing that is keeping me from possibly going is the financial aspect to it, especially with these economic times, she said. I'm just doing everything I can to not let that stop me from going there.

Harris said she will return all of the funds raised by her Web site if she does not end up going to Notre Dame. She said her second choice of school is the University of Michigan.