Shooting of Hollywood Publicist Ronni Chasen Increases U.S. Demand for Vehicle Armoring by International Armoring Corporation

December 13, 2010

After the shooting of Hollywood Publicist Ronni Chasen in Hollywood, California, International Armoring Corporation sees an increase in demand by U.S. residents for bulletproof vehicles and armored cars

Ogden, Utah (PRWEB) December 11, 2010

International Armoring Corporation (IAC), a world leader in the design and manufacturing of armored passenger vehicles, announced that the recent random shooting of Hollywood Publicist Ronni Chasen, has increased the demand, by over 150%, for armored passenger vehicles in the U.S., especially in California. Sales and inquiries have come from public figures as well as a number of private individuals that are concerned with their personal and family’s safety. This increase in demand follows up the recent U.S. demand for armored passenger vehicles on the border with Mexico.

Virtually any vehicle can be armored to protect passengers of these vehicles from high powered hand-guns (like the one used in Ronni Chasen’s attack) or even high powered rifle attacks. With the use of IAC’s proprietary ARMORMAX® armoring materials, weight added is less than 400 lbs. on a fully armored handgun protected vehicle. Prices begin at $5,800 for a fully armored vehicle door (including curved, original looking ballistic glass). Many clients request all four doors or just the glass be armored. Install time takes 5 – 10 days for these door armoring packages. Clients in the U.S. usually provide their own vehicles for armoring.

“Armored passenger vehicles in the U.S. are no longer just for the rich and famous. Gone are the days of feeling it will never happen to me.” said Mark Burton, CEO of International Armoring Corporation. “These vehicles can provide a peace of mind to anyone who feels a perceived threat. These converted vehicles maintain their original appearance and performance yet protect occupants against those random acts of violence that appear more common every day.”

Though the demand for armored vehicles is predominantly outside the United States (i.e. Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Middle East) recent events within the U.S. has caused Americans to re-evaluate their personal safety. As tragic events (such as the shooting of Ms. Chasen) become headline news, the demand from IAC for armored vehicles increase. A simple armored door and window can save a life and provide peace of mind.

About International Armoring Corporation (IAC): Founded in 1993 in Ogden, Utah. IAC has numerous facilities around the world. IAC has built over 7,000 armored passenger vehicles ““ having been shipped to over 50 different countries, including 38 different foreign presidents and heads of state. Governments, militaries, international corporations, religious leaders (the Pope), celebrities, vehicle manufacturers, and other individuals use IAC vehicles. IAC was the originator and designer of high tech fibers (“ARMORMAX®”). ARMORMAX® reduces added armor weight by 40 ““ 60%.    IAC recently announced a contract with an international security firm to armor over 750 vehicles. Contact: Mark Burton (801-393-1075 / armormax(at)armormax(dot)com) http://www.armormax.com

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