‘The Motivated Life’ By Paul Martens Debuted As The #1 App On The iPad And Just Became A Kindle Bestseller

August 20, 2011

Paul’s book explains scientifically how we design our lives, from our careers to our relationships. He carefully explains how we recreate the world around us to suit our personality. Derivations of his profound personality system have been used by a former president in securing re-election as well as researchers and clinicians in helping understand the root causes of Autism, Alzheimer’s and depression. The book explains things in easy to understand terms suitable for families.

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) August 19, 2011

Paul Martens is a design psychology consultant to some of the largest for profit and nonprofit organizations in the world including Virgin LTD, REMAX, and Campus Crusade for Christ.

By re-classifying and re-organizing all of human behavior, Paul re-designs the field of psychology and takes a Dr. Phil style approach to addressing human behavior. Paul explains that although a whole host of diseases may have biological consequences, it’s still our choice to refuse to deal with our core drivers, which can drive us crazy, and blind us from reaching our full potential in dealing with ourselves and others.

The Motivated Life” for the first time introduces readers to the revolutionary 5 Type Personality System. The 5 Type Personality System is the first Biblically based system vetted out independently by psychologists and counselors over a 40 year period.

This “Ëœpersonality code’ although 2000 years old is just now confirmed by scientists and could serve as a key guide in finally ridding the world of severe mental health problems such as anxiety, anger, suicidal thoughts, narcissism and multiple personality disorder.

Paul’s revolutionary book explains the personality basis for many behaviors thought to be biological in origin: from autism and depression, to homosexuality and multiple personality disorder. You may have thought you were “Ëœborn that way’ but in fact were trained early on to be one of only five core personalities.

The Motivated Life includes dozens of examples from the celebrity and business world including Steve Jobs, Johnny Depp, Martha Stewart, and Paris Hilton, and also examines the compatibility issues between personalities in marriage relationships.

The book takes a deep look at the relationships that form us and explains how sibling relationships form a personality just as strongly as parental influence. After reading this book, you just might discover your “Love Language” might not be so loving after all. All parents should read this book!

To make the book more affordable, Paul just reduced the retail price from $25 to $19.99 and has designed a special promotion around the book.

Paul Martens creates an economy boosting buying experience for his readers between August 23-25, 2011. By purchasing a copy of the book through Amazon for $19.99 in soft cover or $9.99 on the Kindle platform, the purchasers of the book will receive over 30 significant book, health, family and educational discounts and FREE Ebooks and downloads, as well as 1% back from the price of a home in CA, FL, CO, and AZ.


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