June 19, 2007

UCSMP’s ‘Transition Math’ and ‘Algebra’ Textbooks, Third Editions, Now Available Through Wright Group/McGraw-Hill

CHICAGO, June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Wright Group/McGraw-Hill is launching the third editions of UCSMP Transition Mathematics and UCSMP Algebra, available in August. The new editions of the programs, developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, are even more rigorous, reflecting increased expectations for math achievement in middle and high schools.

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Wright Group is now the only home for UCSMP programs: it also publishes the popular Everyday Mathematics PreK-6 program. By adding the UCSMP secondary programs to the catalog, the publisher is now able to offer a strong and correlated solution from elementary through high school. Together, they offer the most seamless approach to math education.

UCSMP programs use a unique strategy called SPUR to teach students mathematical skills and concepts vital to everyday life. The SPUR approach provides students with multiple dimensions of understanding so they are able to approach and solve problems in different ways:

   Skills: know a way to obtain a solution.   Properties: knowing properties you can apply (identifying and justifying    steps in obtaining the answer).   Uses: knowing situations in which you could apply the solving of the    equation.   Representations: having a representation of the solving process or a    graphical way of interpreting the solution.   

UCSMP Transition Mathematics is designed to provide a smooth path from arithmetic to algebra and geometry. It integrates applied arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, and connects all these areas to measurement, probability, and statistics.

The scope of the third edition of UCSMP Algebra reaches well beyond that of traditional algebra textbooks. It integrates geometry, probability, and statistics with algebra to provide a more advanced level of mastery.

"Since the second edition, there has been a general increase in the performance of students coming into middle school due to a combination of increased expectations and the availability of improved curricular materials for the elementary grades," said Mary Jane Wolfe, editorial director for UCSMP secondary math programs. "The third editions are more ambitious and take advantage of the knowledge students bring to the classroom."

Dedreion Buckner, marketing director for UCSMP secondary math programs, added, "The goal of our curricula is to enhance the mathematics experience for average students while taking advantage of today's technology. While preparing students for higher level mathematics, UCSMP uses real data developed from real-world situations to help students understand that mathematics is a tool for life."

The use of technology -- including graphing calculators at all grade levels, geometry systems, spreadsheets, the Internet, and other computer applications -- is an essential component of the third editions.

Along with Everyday Mathematics, UCSMP Transition Mathematics and UCSMP Algebra, Wright Group will provide:

   -- Pre-Transition Mathematics -- new course available 2008   -- Geometry -- third edition available 2008   -- Advanced Algebra -- third edition available 2008   -- Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry -- third edition available 2009   -- Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics -- third edition available 2009   

UCSMP math programs are flexible, allowing schools to offer the appropriate math instruction to students regardless of grade level.

Sample Activity

UCSMP secondary math programs use relevant, real-world applications to show students the value of math. Here's an example:

Choose two streets in your neighborhood that intersect at right angles. Use this intersection as the origin of a grid. Use a Global Positioning System (GPS) or another resource to find the location. Also find the location of eight landmarks (trees, statues, houses, and so on) and describe their location with reference to your grid. Be sure to find landmarks in at least three quadrants.

About UCSMP Mathematics

Mathematics education experts at the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project have developed UCSMP mathematics programs through 22 years of research and testing. The curricula are used by more than 3.5 million PreK- 12 students across the country. Perhaps the most well known is Everyday Mathematics, the nation's top standards-based elementary program. UCSMP emphasizes problem-solving, everyday applications, the use of technology, and reading, while developing and maintaining base skills.

About Wright Group/McGraw-Hill

Wright Group/McGraw-Hill publishes innovative core and supplemental literacy and mathematics programs for differentiated instruction and teacher training in Grades PreK-8. The research-based approach is anchored in real- world applications and is based on the assessed needs of students, combining developmentally appropriate materials with explicit outcomes. Wright Group is part of McGraw-Hill Education. For more information on Wright Group's products, call 1-800-648-2970 or visit http://www.wrightgroup.com/.

About McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies , is a leading global provider of instructional, assessment and reference solutions that empower professionals and students of all ages. McGraw-Hill Education has offices in 33 countries and publishes in more than 40 languages. Additional information is available at http://www.mheducation.com/.

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