June 25, 2007

FileMaker Solutions for Maximizing Student Performance and School Management Showcased at National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)

ATLANTA (NATIONAL EDUCATION COMPUTING CONFERENCE), June 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- FileMaker will showcase a wide variety of K-12 database solutions (booth #410) at this year's annual National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), at the Georgia World Congress Center (http://www.neccsite.org/), June 25-27. Attendees can also receive a 30-day trial CD of FileMaker Pro 8.5 and a K-12 Starter Kit (while supplies last).

K-12 Solutions Showcased at FileMaker booth

FileMaker will showcase the following solutions from five leading K-12 FileMaker database developers:

"Data Analysis Demystified," by Montgomery County Public Schools         (http://www.mcps.k12.md.us/) Learn about the SIMS (School-Based         Instructional Monitoring System), a set of FileMaker templates for         elementary, middle and high schools that helps schools get up and         working with its data.          "Charting Assessment Data with FileMaker," by Proof Group         (http://www.proofgroup.com/) Learn how to use the FileMaker Web Viewer to         dynamically display visual representations of data stored in a         FileMaker Pro database. Charting student SAT and GPA performance and         mapping addresses using the Google Maps API will be showcased as         examples.          "Using Databases for Creative Learning," by Super School Software         (http://www.superschoolsoftware.com/) Discover how schools are using         FileMaker for project-based IEPs as well as high motivational         learning program that help student to listen, speak, read, write,         and compute.          "Grading Made Easy with FileMaker," by The Moyer Group         (http://www.moyergroup.com/) See how FileMaker helps educators easily tracks         grades for elementary students. Learn how to track individual         student scores for multiple subjects, generate reports on these         scores as well enter data via the web.          "Managing Professional Development with Ease," by WorqSmart         (http://www.worqsmart.com/) Find out how to organize all the information         pertaining to your district's professional development program,         including course catalogs, course locations, participants,         instructors, course evaluations, registrations and transcripts.    FileMaker Pro Also Featured in Workshop Sessions  

In addition, two NECC workshop sessions will focus on using FileMaker to creating a wide variety of K-12 solutions, including administration, curriculum management, professional development, student assessment and regulatory reporting.

   *  "Create Powerful Dynamic Databases with FileMaker Pro: Part I"      Workshop, Monday, June 25, 8:30 - 11:30 a.m., with Inkie Landry,      Instruction Technology Coordinator for St. Tammany Parish School Board,      Mandeville, Louisiana.    *  "Create Powerful Dynamic Databases with FileMaker Pro: Part II"      Workshop, Monday, June 25, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m., with Inkie Landry,      Instruction Technology Coordinator for St. Tammany Parish School Board,      Mandeville, Louisiana.    FileMaker and K-12 Education  

FileMaker database software helps schools in collecting, managing and reporting on student and administrative data. More than 10,000 K-12 schools use FileMaker in their data-driven decision-making processes to achieve greater operational efficiency, comply with federal and state reporting requirements, and track student performance. Recently, Technology & Learning magazine named FileMaker Pro a 2006 Legacy Award winner. Educators can experience a 30-day free trial of FileMaker Pro 8.5, the award-winning database software, which includes the K-12 Education Starter Kit, featuring five education starter solutions, a K-12 resource guide, and a student assessment white paper. The trial can be downloaded at http://www.filemakertrial.com/k-12.

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FileMaker Pro is used by millions of individuals and workgroups around the world to be more productive and efficient. Business, education and government customers rely on FileMaker to manage people, projects, images, assets and other information. In addition to being the number one-selling easy-to-use database software, the award-winning FileMaker product line also includes low- cost Applications that automate basic business tasks, ready-to-use Starter Solutions, and tools to create and share solutions from the desktop to the web. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

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