Education News Archive - October 22, 2006

By Brown, Elissa; Avery, Linda; VanTassel-Baska, Joyce; Worley, Bess B II; Stambaugh, Tamra A paucity of research exists regarding the relative strengths and limitations and effects on practice in gifted education state policies.

By Charlie Roduta, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Oct. 22--The dog ate it. The mailman stole it. Mom used it as a dryer sheet. Students can make their excuses for missing homework assignments, but they don't make a difference at Hilliard Memorial Middle School.


The "Freshman 15" is more like 5 to 7, but it is followed by the "Sophomore 2 or 3," say researchers who led two of the largest and longest studies ever done of weight gain among college students.

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  • The analysis of literature, focusing on the words and grammar to the exclusion of context or literary merit.
The word 'logocentrism' is a blend of logo- +‎ centrism.