Education News Archive - March 05, 2007

A TEACHER at one of Britain's most prestigious public schools has been sacked for cutting a boy's hair - without his permission - in the middle of a lesson. Maria Garcia-Salguero, a Spanish teacher at 600-year-old Winchester College, was dismissed after an investigation.

The transition year from middle school to high school is critical time for student success and retention in high school. Studies show that the single biggest indicator of a student's graduation from high school is keeping them engaged and successful their freshman year.

Word of the Day
  • The navel or umbilicus.
  • In Greek archaeology: A central boss, as on a shield, a bowl, etc.
  • A sacred stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, believed by the Greeks to mark the 'navel' or exact center-point of the earth.
'Omphalos' comes from the ancient Greek.