Education News Archive - May 14, 2010

If you thought that the quality of the child care your toddler got wouldn't matter when he or she was a teenager, think again.

Children whose minds are stimulated in several early childhood settings—home, preschool, and school—have higher achievement in elementary school.

Promoting parent involvement has been a big part of efforts to improve school performance.

Elementary-school-age children from poor families are more vulnerable to the effects of poor sleep than their peers.

A new study on preschoolers attending full-day child care in licensed day care homes has found increases in cortisol, a stress hormone, when the children are in child care that exceeds their levels at home.

Word of the Day
  • A rich embroidered or brocaded silk fabric woven originally with a warp of gold thread.
'Baudekin' seems to be an alternative form of 'baldachin,' from the Italian 'Baldacco,' Baghdad, the city where the material was made.