October 1, 2007

Shop Latino TV is Joining the High Rollers on Television

Shop Latino TV, the only Spanish Language home shopping live television channel, catering to the Latin Communities throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, announced the addition of Shop Latino TV (SLTV) to DISH Network's basic service and DISH Latino package. Furthermore, this week Shop Latino TV also announced their agreement with Time Warner to broadcast SLTV in the Texas markets.

With the launching of Shop Latino TV, over 12.5 million DISH Network subscribers, plus 631,000 subscribers of Time Warner's systems in Texas will have the opportunity to view and enjoy the original and unique programming that Shop Latino TV will bring into their homes.

As of September 19, 2007, DISH Network subscribers and beginning in October 1st, 2007 Time Warner's viewers in the Texas region will be able to go shopping without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. At Shop Latino TV, they will find a wide variety of first quality products at extraordinary prices. Shop Latino TV originates live, 365 days per year, from their studios in Miami, Florida, where their corporate offices and distribution centers for the East Coast are also located. Shop Latino TV provides an original format where audience participation goes beyond a simple "buyer-seller" relationship, as Shop Latino TV has designed and implemented diverse marketing strategies that benefit not just customers, but their communities as well.

"SLTV fills an existing gap in programming for the US Latino market; we offer our audience the only televised one-stop shopping solution, where they can shop safely and from home for the quality products in the various categories they desire," said Maria Eugenia Meloni, VP of Media Distribution of Shop Latino TV. "For these reasons SLTV has gone above and beyond to gather the best team of professionals with proven experience in the Direct Response industry, both in front of and behind the cameras. Our programming originates from our state of the art broadcast facilities with the latest in technical and program distribution equipment. We are very pleased with the programming relationship we have established with Dish Network and Time Warner, as they each provide a high quality programming platform for Latinos from which SLTV will be able to reach out".

Shop Latino TV is available on channel 220 for all DISH Network's residential customers, as well as in Channel 883 for all Dish Latino subscribers. Time Warner in Texas can watch Shop Latino TV in San Antonio: Spanish Tier Channel 297 and Shopping Tier Channel 801, in Austin: Spanish Tier Channel 616 and Shopping Tier Channel 278.

About Shop Latino TV

Shop Latino Network is the only Spanish-language television shopping service catering to the U.S. Hispanic audience. Shop Latino TV offers a distinctive style and approach to the television shopping industry. In addition to bringing high quality products to its Hispanic and bi-lingual audience, the company will be hallmarked by its unique program of community involvement and civic support for its customer base. Shop Latino Network is a joint venture between DRTV sales veterans Grupo Innova from Mexico, and Home Shopping Hispano. Launched on July 7, 2007, SLTV is available for full-time or part-time distribution. For more information please visit http://www.shoplatinotv.com

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