Eastern Tradition Meets the Latest Technology with Lava Bambū™ Massage by Spa Revolutions

September 15, 2011

Spa Revolutions Introduces the Only Self-Heating Bamboo Massage Tool

Escondido, CA (PRWEB) September 15, 2011

Spa Revolutions, a nationwide provider of naturally self-heating skincare, beauty and wellness products for professionals, officially announced the launch of Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢, the world’s only naturally self-heating bamboo massage tool.

Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ is made with 100% authentic Black Natural and Speckled Bamboo that are sustainably harvested in South China for their unique combination of strength and flexibility, creating a beautiful implement for deep and effective massage therapy. Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ passes an intensive quality control process to ensure that each bamboo stalk meets Spa Revolutions’ strict specification criteria for function and durability. To preserve its beauty and inherit characters, each bamboo stalk is kept in its natural state.

Designed to allow therapists the ability to add heat into their treatment, Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ utilizes the patented, self-heating technology of Lava Gelâ“¢, an invention that revolutionized the paraffin and massage industry. Lava Gelâ“¢ is a natural synergy of ocean inspired elements that combines natural minerals, black lava, dried sea kelp, and algae to create the foundation for long lasting deep heat without the use of electricity.

âœLava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ is unique from all other bamboo massage methods. Apart from being the only self-heating bamboo massage tool, it is also completely organic,â says Cheryl Spousta-Schertzer, CEO of Spa Revolutions. âœTherapists now have the opportunity to interact with an element that is raw, individual, and natural.â

Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ will debut at the 2011 ISPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 7-9. Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ Protocol Training Kits will be available to order, allowing spas and massage therapists the opportunity to experiment with Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢, develop their own protocols, and train their staff prior to incorporating this service at their facility.

The Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ Protocol Training Kit includes: 1 Zen Stick without Knob for use in full body massage, 1 Zen Stick with Knob featuring a rounded wooden knob for use in targeted massage or on pressure points, 2 Batiki Sticks for use on pressure points or for facial massage, 12 Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ Heat Sleeves and Activator Solutions, 4 1.3oz bottles of Basic Elementsâ“¢ massage oil, 1 Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ Fan for creating a calming breeze during the warming massage, 1 Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ Bag for transporting the Zen Sticks, and 1 Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ Box that beautifully houses the Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ components.

âœIn addition to introducing Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢, we will also be launching our new line of massage oil, Basic Elementsâ“¢. Basic Elementsâ“¢ blends the highest quality of natural oils and is formulated to work in synergy with deep heat,â says Spousta-Schertzer. âœBEâ“¢ Grounded, BEâ“¢ Purified, BEâ“¢ Weightless, and BEâ“¢ Ignited are infused with fragrances inspired by the four of elements of nature and are a perfect complement to the Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ treatment.â

Lava BambÃ…«Ã¢“¢ massage is a technique that not only makes use of a renewable and sustainable resource, but also connects us to ancient approaches.    For additional product information, please visit:



Spa Revolutions stands at the forefront of innovation in naturally self-heating skin care, beauty and wellness products for professionals. Used in over 2,000 marquee spas worldwide, PerfectSense̢Ң Professional Products are made up of self-heated tools for hand, foot, body, and massage care that use long lasting, electricity-free heat to offer unparalleled convenience and quality of treatment. Patented delivery systems optimize skin care treatments for ease of use and effective results.


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