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Radio Ad Asks Why Virginia’s Leaders Are Silent as President Obama Bypasses Congress to Allow Illegal Aliens to Apply for Work Permits and Take Jobs

September 29, 2011

RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The American Immigration Control Foundation has launched radio ads in Richmond, Virginia questioning why Virginia’s usually vociferous leaders remain so conspicuously silent about President Obama’s bold move over the summer, unilaterally suspending illegal alien deportations and allowing them to apply for work permits. President Obama invoked Executive Privilege while Congress was away on summer break to affect what amounts to a new illegal alien immigration policy for the country.

John Vinson of American Immigration Control Foundation commented, “It’s no surprise the Obama Administration has circumvented Congress to create new immigration policy without regard to the policy’s impact on the American worker. The Administration has never really gotten the jobs message.” Vinson continued, “The surprise is that our Virginia leaders are allowing him to do it without any objections. Maybe our Virginia leaders just aren’t that focused on creating jobs for Virginians either?”

The Administration’s bold “jobs” move comes as the nation’s unemployment continues to hover at around 9% and hundreds of thousands in Virginia can’t find jobs.

The unemployment rate in Richmond is higher than the state average. Tens of thousands in Richmond are unemployed, working part time or have simply given up looking for work.

For more information about AICF or to hear their latest radio spot, www.AICFoundation.com.

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