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Keyword “horoscope” Hits Record High With Almost 25 million Web Searches a Month

October 11, 2011

LONDON, October 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

It’s a fact that people’s interest in horoscopes and astrology has
soared, with almost 25 million web searches globally every month for the
word “horoscope” alone. Compare this with searches for words like
“happiness” or “success” at about 246,000 per month and “fulfilment” only

So why should this be? It’s clear that, in these uncertain times,
increasing numbers of people are looking for guidance and becoming
interested in personal horoscopes. Equally, they recognise or discover
through their searching, that the astrological lunar cycle is the most tried
and trusted way of getting a true zodiac sign reading for every day of the

It’s little wonder then that a small publishing house had their server
crash after their website was swamped with orders upon the launch of the new
horoscope guide “Lunarcasts 2012″ that includes daily predictions based on
the lunar cycle. And with “what is love” being one of the most searched for
phrases on the web with an astonishing 185 million searches per month,
chances are a lot of people will be looking to “Lunarcasts” to help them
find the most auspicious dates for romance!

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