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Private Schools Spending in the GCC Expected to Reach $12 Billion in 2020

October 12, 2011

ABU DHABI, UAE, October 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Growing private schools enrolment, expected to double over the next
decade to over 2.5 million, will spur investments in education, according to
a report which Booz & Company will launch at Building Future Education MENA

The private school market is growing rapidly in the countries of the
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), presenting a significant opportunity for
investors and school operators.

With K-12 combined public and private education spending in the GCC
expected to increase from approximately $36 billion in 2010 to over $60
billion in 2020, the private sector, along with the public sector, can play
a crucial role in the education reforms of the region by providing
innovative and cost-effective models.

This and other significant findings on the growth potential of private
school education in the GCC will be introduced by Booz & Company at the
Building Future Education (BFE) MENA exhibition and conference in
partnership with Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) on October 25 and 26,
2011 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Increased private school spending, which comprises 15-20 percent of
total spending in the GCC education market, is sorely needed as the number
of students in private schools is expected to double over the next decade to
exceed 2.5 million owing to a combination of demographic factors, parental
preferences and recent regulatory change.

“However, in order to capitalise on this opportunity, the region must
overcome several key challenges, including constraints on financing new
schools in the region, fragmented ownership structures that offer few
economies of scale, lack of information for parents regarding school
quality, and inconsistent application of regulations,” said Chadi N.
Moujaes, partner at management consulting firm Booz & Company.

According to Moujaes, the region’s growth and diversity provide the GCC
private schools market with a unique potential for both investment and
educational development. “There is plenty of interest from serious
investors, however most have not yet taken action due to such factors,” he

Entitled A Decade of Opportunity: The Coming Expansion of the Private
School Market in the GCC, Booz & Company’s report provides insights into the
market’s opportunities, challenges and strategies for investors, operators
and governments. The report builds on thorough analysis of demand, public
policy trends and economics of the region’s schools as well as extensive
hands-on experience.

Andrew Pert, Regional Director of UBM Middle East, the event organiser,
underscored the importance of the Booz & Company study; specifically in
relation to region-wide reforms in the education sector. “Private schools
play a more prominent role in K-12 education in the GCC than in any other
part of the world, and have great prospects for growth in the region;
however, only a fraction of this potential is currently materialising. This
report provides an insight into the market’s opportunities, challenges and
strategies that will be valuable for government authorities, investors,
operators and other key education stakeholders.”

Limited copies of the Booz & Company’s viewpoint will be available at
Building Future Education MENA throughout the event as well as at the
presentation on day one (12.20PM) by Chadi N Moujaes, partner, Booz &
Company “Realising the potential for private schools in the GCC.”

As well as an interactive exhibition floor, this year’s Building Future
Education MENA will include a full free-to-attend conference including
world-renowned speakers from the field of education, the public awareness
programme, high-level roundtable forums and design my learning space

The main conference will bring together those at the forefront of
education from ministries, institutions, operators, architects and
investors. The conference features in-depth panel discussions, based around
specific research studies from BFE MENA’s Knowledge Partners Booz & Company,
Parthenon and RAND Qatar Policy Institute (RQPI), assessing the education
market in the GCC and areas of potential investment.

The conference will also cover key topics such as world-class facilities
and learning environments, curriculum and school improvement, quality
assurance, special education needs and sustainable education facilities.

Visitors can register now free at
http://www.buildingfutureeducationmena.com. Building Future Education
MENA will also have strong representation from the MENA region’s education
ministries and councils including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt,
Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Jordon and Lebanon.

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About Building Future Education MENA

Building Future Education (BFE) MENA in partnership with the Abu Dhabi
Education Council (ADEC) is a free-to-attend international exhibition and
conference covering educational spaces, management, reform, investment and
operation of all educational institutions and programmes in the MENA region;
and covers all tiers of education.

BFE MENA attracts strong representation from the MENA region’s education
ministries and councils including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia,
Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Jordon and Lebanon and is organised by
UBM Middle East.

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