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Flip.to Unveils Marketing Platform That Turns Hotel Guests Into Advocates and Generates ROI

October 12, 2011

NEW YORK, October 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Flip.to [http://www.flip.to ], a social media marketing platform for
hotels, restaurants and airlines, today announced that its online solution
[http://flip.to/hotels ] aimed at helping hotels turn their guests into
brand advocates is now available to all hotels.

Flip.to provides hotels with effective means to engage with their guests
and generate revenues. Nearly one in four guests has used Flip.to to spread
the word to their friends, family and colleagues about their upcoming trip,
and in turn, where they’ll be staying. This level of engagement is far
higher than traditional marketing campaigns and has translated into big
numbers in just about every metric, including ROI.

Every post that a guest shares with his social community through Flip.to
reaches 275 people on average. For every 100 posts shared through Flip.to,
hotels have seen 300 to 1,000 unique visitors coming to their site, 10 to 50
new leads generated, and most importantly, 10 to 20 booked room nights.
Flip.to has been reaping a minimum of 5X ROI for hotels.

“We know from research that our most powerful marketing tool is referral
from our current customers,” said John Moser, Chief Brand and Marketing
Officer, Denihan Hospitality Group. “Flip.to has enabled us to bring the
voice of our customers into the sales process.”

Brian Kent, co-founder of Flip.to adds: “Your guests are the single best
source for spreading the word about your hotel. Most folks trust their
friends and family more than advertisements. Collectively, they’re a huge,
untapped marketing force.”

Flip.to already has over 75 hotels around the world on the platform that
blends into a number of different guest touch points, including being
successfully integrated on all major booking engines. Once integrated,
hotels have full control over the messages that guests share and the
incentives that can be earned by them and their networks. Flip.to enables
hotels to track all of the activity and conversions their guests have
drummed up in real time.

About Flip.to

Flip.to [http://flip.to ] is a marketing platform for hotels,
restaurants and airlines that turns their guests into engaged brand
advocates to boost brand awareness and earn new clientele.

Launched in early 2010, Flip.to is generating substantial ROE (return on
engagement) and ROI for clients around the world.

To find out more about how Flip.to works and to sign up, visit


        Company Contact:

        Ron Callari
        VP, Business Development
        Email: rcallari@flip.to
        Mobile: +1(201)681-3728

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