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Artprice: the Artprice / FIAC Contemporary Art Market Report is Out!

October 17, 2011

PARIS, October 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Artprice and the FIAC are pleased to announce the distribution of their
latest Contemporary Art Market Report (French-English, 140 pages). This
Report will be freely available to the press, art market professionals and
visitors to the FIAC at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, from 20 to 23
October 2011.

According to Thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of Artprice, the backdrop
to this 38th edition of the FIAC is particularly favourable. In effect,
despite the instability of financial markets, art collectors are fighting
the pessimism prevailing in the general economic environment and the level
of purchase intentions as recorded by Artprice’s A.M.C.I. (Art Market
confidence Index) is strong at close to 70%.

This fifth edition of the Artprice / FIAC Contemporary Art Market Report
is an essential document for all amateur, professional and institutional
buyers or collectors of Contemporary art wishing to stay abreast of the key
developments in the market. The Report contains analyses of market trends
from more than 81 countries, presents the markets for the world’s
top-selling individual artists and their resistance to the deflated
speculative bubble and raises such questions as: How did the Contemporary
art market react to periods of doubt and uncertainty? Where is the art
market heading? How well are New Media integrating the Art Market? What are
the strategies of the world’s major art capitals, particularly Hong Kong and

One thing is certain: this crisis cannot be compared to that of the
early 1990′s. Of course, compared to 2006/2008, million-plus auction sales
have become scarce; but the contemporary art market is today more dynamic
than ever and is showing a rare degree of maturity that many regulated
markets would envy.

The report also presents Artprice’s TOP 500 that ranks the world’s
top-selling Contemporary artists by revenue (i.e. born since 1945) with
number of astonishing surprises this year. It also contains the Gallery’
Insight section as well as the Collector’s Insight section.

The reform of public auction sales (and particularly of online sales)
since France’s adoption of the European Services Directive (Law of 20 July
2011) should give Paris auction houses and galleries -who are now operating
on a much more even playing field- the opportunity to recover some of the
ground that had been lost on the international art market.

In fact, this law, which came into force on 1 September 2011, gives
France the same service and product capacities as the UK via a series of new
legal provisions that effectively eliminate a monopoly dating back to 1556.

A PDF version of the Artprice / FIAC Contemporary Art Market Report will
be downloadable from Artprice.com in French and English as of 20 October
2011. The German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese versions will be available
several days later.


        Art & Crisis
        Art as an alternative investment
        The best semester ever
        China: move from East towards West and vice versa
        Christie's and Sotheby's
        How does France rank?
        Artprice and the dematerialisation of the art market

        New York: end of an era?
        New York auctions
        The Warhol effect
        The heir... Jeff Koons
        Beijing / competing with New York
        Liu Chunxi / the young traditional
        Chen Yifei at the top of the Beijing market
        Hong Kong / New art capital
        Hong Kong International Art Fair
        Irresistibly attractive
        The auction market in Hong Kong
        The power of collections
        Zhang Xiaogang consolidates his market position

        Herve Loevenbruck, Director of the Herve Loevenbruck Gallery (Paris,
        Mauro Nicoletti, Director of the Magazzino Gallery (Rome, Italy)
        Thomas Bernard, Director of the Cortex Athletico Gallery (Bordeaux,
        Akio Aoki, Director of the gallery Vermelho (Sao Paulo, Brasil)
        Bruno Brunnet, Nicole Hackert and Philipp Haverkampf, Directors of the
        gallery Contemporary Fine Arts (Berlin, Germany)

        Jean-Francois Keller
        Michel Ogier
        Daniel and Florence Guerlain
        Han Nefkens
        Manuel DeSantaren

        The safer investments
        Doha's ambitions
        Kader Attia and Mounir Fatmi
        A strong taste for photography
        The Africa Remix effect
        Coming soon at the Pompidou Centre

        Cindy Sherman
        Top names in photography
        Video and light installation
        Bill Viola
        Nice breakthrough of Asian artists
        Be a collector or a financier? The Matthew Barney case
        An intangible collection

        Artprice 2010/2011 TOP 500 Contemporary artists
        The Artprice Headquarters: The Abode of Chaos dixit The New York Times

Source: http://www.artprice.com (c)1987-2011 thierry Ehrmann

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