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Sexual Health in Young Adults

October 19, 2011

BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands, Oct. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — (http://www.myprgenie.com) — In today’s society, the sexual health of young adults plays a vital role in the future of generations to come. With sexually transmitted diseases rampant in all age groups and both sexes, primary focus of doctors, government and families should be made on preventing these diseases in the first place.

When sexual health is compromised, many sexually transmitted illnesses can render youth sterile, infertile or with chronic diseases. The medical industry has developed certain vaccines for the prevention of some sexual diseases such as cervical cancer transmitted by the papilloma virus family through sexual contact. However, the question of whether vaccines of this nature are safe for the general population and young girls in particular is still debated by many of the medical experts and scientists studying them. The medical industry readily creates new pharmaceuticals to meet the sexual health demands; however, it is not the primary responsibility of doctors or health facilities to bring awareness to youth about their sexual health needs.

The most important way to protect sexual health in young people is through education. By teaching young adults about necessary concepts such as safe sex, abstinence, birth control and even personal hygiene, many of these diseases can be avoided if not altogether eliminated. Having an understanding of the body and how it functions sexually is knowledge that all youth need to know so that proper precautions can be made once they become sexually active. Teens and young adults need to fully understand the sexual diseases out there so they can protect themselves.

This knowledge and education begins in the home with parents speaking to their children about their bodies and the issues they will face once becoming sexually active. Schools also play a vital role in preparing students with health classes designed to discuss sexual health issues from a scientific basis while religious organizations help with moral based education about the emotional and mental side of sexual choices.

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