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Reno’s Tamarack Junction Partners with Joingo(TM) to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue

October 19, 2011

RENO, Nev., Oct. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Joingo(TM) announced today the launch of a mobile marketing campaign for Tamarack Junction Casino & Restaurant, in Reno, Nevada, utilizing Joingo’s powerful Mobile Application Platform and Mobile Loyalty System.

Joingo’s(TM) mobile platform and technology allows our staff to effectively and quickly reach our customers, deliver to them gaming and food offers, and more importantly, provide them with gaming and food rewards for their commitment and loyalty to us,” said Casey Sullivan, Tamarack Junction General Manager.

The Joingo(TM) mobile platform and system allows customers to incorporate their specific brand, as well as creating a mobile marketing system that provides gaming properties with the ability to connect with their valuable customers in real-time wherever they are and at any time day or night. The Joingo(TM) platform and system also contains a full suite of performance analytics that allows customers to monitor and measure results in real time.

“The Tamarack Junction Casino & Restaurant is a perfect fit for Joingo’s(TM) Mobile Application Platform and Mobile Loyalty System. Casey and his team are committed to their loyal customers and our technology is a great way to deliver additional value to them. And Joingo’s(TM) technology allows Casey and his staff the ability to do it at a moment’s notice,” said Alex Kanwetz, Co-Founder and Vice-President of Business Development of Joingo(TM).

“And our customers really like having the ability to not only receive our offers and specials, but to check their Tamarack Conductor’s Club Points, Comps and Free Play anytime and anywhere from their smartphone. And it ties directly into our Micros point-of-sale system giving us the ability to easily monitor and track the results,” stated Sullivan.

About Joingo(TM)

Joingo(TM) is a mobile and social technology company, based in San Jose CA with offices in Nevada. Joingo’s Mobile Application Platform and Mobile Loyalty System is integrated as the central hub connecting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with robust mobile marketing application services, extending the customer brand and leveraging it into increased customer revenue and profit. Joingo’s(TM) in-application, multimedia mobile loyalty technology solution enables business users to interactively convey their message onto their customers most personal device – their smartphone handset – which is always on, always present and always in reach.

Joingo(TM) leverages all available mobile date technologies, with specific applications for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones, mobile web for browser capable phones, and MMS/SMS for feature phones, utilizing the phones’ SMS (text messaging) and stand-alone application with ‘push’ technology. The solution includes customer segmentation, campaign management, and analytics to track activity and its relationship to patron revenue.

For more information about Joingo(TM) please visit www.joingo.com.

About Tamarack Junction

The Tamarack Junction Casino is located in Reno, Nevada. With a 13,000 sq. foot gaming area with more than 460 Slot Machines and Video Poker, and two restaurants, Tamarack Junction takes pride in their friendly reputation and personal customer service.

For more information about the Tamarack Junction Casino please visit www.tamarackjunction.com.


Source: PR Newswire