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Jackpotjoy’s Brand New Game is Farm-tastic!

October 21, 2011

LONDON, October 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Online Slots [http://www.jackpotjoy.com/online-slots ] lovers everywhere
recognise Jackpotjoy.com as being one of the market leading slot development
sites, and they’re latest game – Barnyard Bonanza
[http://www.jackpotjoy.com/games/barnyard-bonanza ] – shows off their skills
with a simple, fun slot that’s just ever so slightly surreal…

There’s no model that defines the perfect slot, though Jackpotjoy have
enough experience in the gaming industry to make an educated guess! After
releasing a string of high profile Summer Blockbusters, it’s great to see
their latest slot is a very cute, really fun, far softer adventure in

Barnyard Bonanza offers members the chance to enjoy a farm themed slot
with a generous Free Spins feature that’s activated when you land three
scarecrows on the reels, and a bonus game that adds the necessary level of
surreal charm to the slot.

“Despite the fact that it’s a far more traditional game that the other
summer releases,” says Jackpotjoy Managing Director Michael Saunders,
“Barnyard Bonanza more than makes up for it by being so much fun!”

In the game, members can choose whether to work on a sheep farm, a
chicken farm or a cow farm to earn their rewards. If they choose the
chickens they’ll get paid out for hatching eggs, on the sheep farm they get
cash for shearing sheep and on the cow farm they’ll be milking cows for
their payout.

“But each of the games has a lovely surreal element to it,” Michael
says. “One of the sheep turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, one of
the eggs in the chicken coop hatches a lizard, and as for milking the
cows… well imagine getting stuck in beneath a bovine with twelve teats to
earn you cash.”

Gamesys, Jackpotjoy’s parent company, have a reputation for producing
high quality slots which means that although Barnyard Bonanza isn’t blessed
with the level of detail that makes a game like Wonderland such a stand out
design classic, it does hold all the effortlessly adorable charm of a Disney
or Warner Brothers cartoon.

Barnyard Bonanza is available to play at Jackpotjoy.com now….


The Gamesys Group was founded by Noel Hayden in April 2001 with an aim
to build a profitable online entertainment business providing Online Bingo
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audience using proprietary gaming software.

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