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Bank Leumi le-Israel B.M. and YouTube are Re-launching the Online Campaign to Promote the Bank’s Charitable Giving & Renaming it to “Two Million Good Reasons”

October 26, 2011

TEL AVIV, Israel, October 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

The campaign allows web surfers to vote on where Leumi will

make charitable contributions

In 2011 Leumi will double the total contribution to this

campaign to 2 million shekels, out of its total annual contributions

estimated around 30 million shekels

The 2010 campaign’s success resulted in an increase in

individuals’ applications to Israeli volunteer organizations

Leumi and YouTube are re-launching “One Million Good Reasons”, a unique
online campaign for charitable contributions in Israel. Due to the positive
response from last year’s campaign, Leumi has decided to double the total
amount of donations from one million shekels to two million shekels in 2011.
As a result, the name of the campaign has been updated to “Two Million Good
Reasons”. In 2011, Bank Leumi will make over 30 million shekels worth of
charitable donations in Israel.

The project combines community relations and social media in which the
surfing public is invited to cast its vote and determine which charitable
associations will be given donations. Volunteer organizations that want to
be involved in the campaign will be asked to create short videos on a
dedicated YouTube page. Web surfers will then be able to view the various
videos and vote which volunteer organization should receive a donation.

Sixty volunteer organizations will receive contributions in 2011,
compared to fifty in 2010. The organization that wins the most votes will
receive NIS 225,000 from Bank Leumi. Other organizations will be given
amounts ranging between NIS 25,000 and NIS 125,000.

This year small organizations whose total budget is up to five million
shekels will be included in the project. They have been invited to join the
campaign as they do not receive institutional support and generally have
difficulty in mobilizing resources.

To ensure that all types of volunteer organizations have an ability to
win there will be five different categories of areas of activity from which
to select winners. The categories are: health, science and medicine,
education, welfare and society, culture and the arts, the environment, and
animal welfare.

A number of elements have been added in 2011 to make selections easier
and to deepen the surfers’ knowledge of the participating organizations:

        - On the page where the videos are shown, a link will be added
          to the Facebook page of each organization.
        - Surfers will be given the option of making their own on-line
        - Each organization can make a link from its YouTube video page to
          a page on its own site (or anywhere else of its choice) where it can
          post information for people who wish to volunteer with the organization.

This campaign, which will take place over two months, will be broadcast
on Leumi’s dedicated YouTube channel and will be supported by the “Leumi”
and “Leumi Blog” websites. Actual voting by the surfing public for their
favorite organizations will take place between December 5 -20, 2011.

Last year there were more than 2 million hits during the campaign and
close to 400,000 votes were cast – a record response exceeding the
organizers’ expectations. First place was awarded to the “Simcha Layeled
Association” which looks after children with chronic genetic illnesses; they
received about 25,000 votes from web surfers. This was followed by four
first place awards that went to “Eshel Ashkelon” – a soup kitchen and day
center for the elderly, “Let the Animals Live”, “Prize4 Life” – an
organization that helps patients with A.L.S., and the “Israel Animal Guard

Contact information: Linda d’Angelo – Phone number : +972-3-514-8006

SOURCE Bank Leumi le-Israel B.M

Source: PR Newswire