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2011 Gluten Free Candy List by WhatisGluten.net

October 28, 2011

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — WhatisGluten.net has just published their annual list of gluten free candy. Candy companies around the world have caught on to the rise in the number of celiac cases and those with a gluten allergy. Many companies such as Mars Candy have notices about gluten on their website.

Keeping track of all the foods that contain gluten can be cumbersome, but the list provided by WhatisGluten.net has made this Halloween season a lot easier. They have listed over 180 gluten free candies and links to the manufacturer’s websites about their use of gluten in their products, where available.

Gluten is a food protein found in wheat, rye and barley. However, gluten does not mean grain only. There are several types of grains that do not contain gluten at all, such as rice, millet, oats and buckwheat.

Gluten is the stickiness for holding many baked goods together. Gluten can be found in several everyday products you find in your kitchen such as soy sauce, peanut butter, salad dressing and many more grocery items.

WhatisGluten.net has published the information about the gluten free candy on their website. With thousands of candies to choose from and several manufacturers it’s important to know which candies contain gluten, especially if you have an allergy to gluten or celiac disease.

Hershey’s, Mars, Nestle, Tootsie, Necco, Spangler, Wonka, Palmer, Just Born and Farley’s and Sathers all produce gluten free candy. Some of the candies on the list include Hershey’s kisses, Bit O’Honey, O’ Henry, Milky Way and Payday bars.

For a complete list of gluten free candy visit http://www.WhatisGluten.net.

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