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Have A Very British Stag Do And Keep Our Economy Afloat

November 11, 2011

WELLINGTON, England, November 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

A UK stag do [http://www.designaventure.co.uk ] is all plusses. Easy to
get to, with locations literally everywhere and a plethora of activities to
choose, plus if you’ve forgotten anything then there’s no problems with
passports, currencies and elaborate sign language at the chemist! Besides,
in winter, what can you get over the water that you can’t get here to make a
good stag do?

With the Olympics and the Jubilee in mind, we’re feeling all patriotic
and it’s time to fly the flag but have a bit of fun with it at the same
time. Here our suggestions for tip top UK stag dos will leave no doubt that
you’re proud to be British…

T-shirts. Union Jack prints all over will well and truly hammer the
theme home and will identify your party if you get disbanded; Useful for
many more occasions, if they’ve survived, and will carry you into any
region, England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

Drink only British beverages. That’s easier than it sounds. There are
loads of brilliantly brewed ales, beers and of course very famous ciders and
perries, even spirits if you’re hardcore. Then definitely support the
independent pubs by touring the freehold ones which often do great snacks as

Have a British supper. Forget Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and all
that, you need a great British steak, hearty pie, fish and chips.

And what of our green and pleasant landscape? Appreciate your
countryside by doing some open-air daytime activities that really get your
lungs filled with smog free oxygen. Try traditional sports like clay
shooting, paintballing, archery for the more genteel of you, or rage buggies
[http://www.designaventure.co.uk/activities/Rage_Buggies/59 ], quad biking,
coasteering, rallying, canoeing for the more active.

Though that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with our stunning rivers and
coastlines you’ve got watersports galore, bushcrafts, treasure hunts or
exchange that for a buzzing city stag do and some urban golf and indoor
paintball. What about the simple tradition of a day at the races or a night
at the dogs?

Most destinations will have stag friendly hotels ranging from economy
hotels to 5 star luxury pads depending on your budget and lifestyle.

So by you choosing the UK for your next stag do, not only are you
partying in the best place you are also helping the economy to get back on
to it’s feet.

The above stag do ideas were taken from the DesignaVenture website, who
have proved that Britain really is Top of the Pops by reporting that 2011
has been it’s best ever year for stag dos [http://www.designaventure.co.uk ]
arranged in the UK.

DesignaVenture can build you a bespoke UK stag do or you can choose from
thousands of popular activities and packages on their website.

Buy British and be proud.

Contact details: info@designaventure.co.uk Tel: +44(0)8456-43-22-44

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